Why Should I Start A Blog? 9 Reasons You Should Start Now!

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Hi, Rose is here again! In this post, I’m going to be talking about the reason why Should I Start A Blog.

All right, I guess the reason why you are here is that you are interested in blogging and want to learn more about it. But what made you want to start a blog?

Actually, there is no right or wrong answer for why you should start a blog, and many people start blogs for all kinds of reasons. I start my blogging life purely as a hobby, and I started to write my own blog when I was 20. Now I am 29, and I’m still writing a blog, so I think I’ve learned a couple of tricks and tips along the way, and it may be useful for you about starting to write your own blog, and perhaps you just want a bit of advice and guidance.

Quick note: If you just want to start your blog right away, you can just head to How To Create A Blog For Free Step By Step and start your first blog for free!

But before I share those with you, if you are undecided about whether you should or shouldn’t write a blog, here are some fun and helpful thing to do and why I think it’s good to start writing a blog.

Why Should I Start A Blog? 9 Big Reasons Why!

Why Should I Start A Blog: IT’S FUN TO BLOG

Why Should I Start A Blog

First of all, I start a blog because blogging is fun! When I start my first blog I just wrote and I didn’t give it a single thought. I enjoy writing and share what I loved. I can’t imagine not being a full-time blogger now.

Blogging allows me to imagine and be creative by mixing my thoughts into words. It also keeps me updated and it’s always fun to search for different kinds of cool facts and information.

And the best is that blogging allows me to share mine though with my friends or my readers all over the world. The thrill of sharing is always present.


Why Should I Start A Blog

Should I start a blog if my writing skills are not good enough? If you keep writing frequently, you will find that your writing skills will be improved amazingly. Just like with all other skills, the more you do, the better you get.

My writing skills have started to improve when I began to write the blog twice a week. This helps me get into a good habit of writing and, perhaps more importantly, reviewing my writing more.

Until now, I continue to write and review my article and improve upon what I consider to be my weaknesses.


Why Should I Start A Blog

One of the amazing things about blogging is that you don’t have to be an expert.

During your blogging journey, you will go on to develop and position yourself as an expert once you keep writing on your blog topic. For example, if you start your blog about weight loss, and you may use your blog to share the steps you will take to lose weight, and then you will use your blog to teach others how to lose weight and keep fits.


Why Should I Start A Blog

Many popular bloggers earn a great amount of money from their blogging through a combination of advertising, which includes affiliate links, sponsored posts, services, and products. Read the success stories of bloggers here.

If you work hard and focus on monetizing your blogs, you may earn much more money from blogging than you could earn in traditional jobs. Blogging is one of the great passive income ideas for beginners.


Why Should I Start A Blog

Blogging allows you to be your own boss. It allows you to decide what type of business you’ll run, your business goals, your schedule, and even completely control what you do.

The most positive part of blogging is that you will have the freedom to work the way you want to work, and no boss or editor breathing down your neck to finish your job.


Why Should I Start A Blog

Should I Start A Blog if I don’t have enough money to spend? It’s very affordable to start a blog or even for free! You can start it as a hobby, a side hustle, or a business.

In other words, it’s one of the most affordable online businesses to start with, even start it with zero cost.

If you are interested to learn how to create a blog, I have another post that will help you create your own blog step by step. I start my own blog with a platform called Wealthy Affiliate, which provides you the training on how to start your blogging business.

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Why Should I Start A Blog

Another advantage of starting a blog is to join the blogging community. You may question why as ‘other bloggers’ should be your competitor? That’s true, but in reality, they are your colleagues, your teachers, your friends, your support network, and even your cheerleaders.

The blogging community will help you out when you have a problem with your blog and cheer you up. Moreover, will also celebrate with you when you hitting a milestone. The community will come from over the world, so even you have a problem or just want to chat at 2am, someone will be here.

Join the blogging communities here to see what I mean!


Why Should I Start A Blog

As a blogger, what do you need to do? Just writing? No, as a blogger, you not only need to write, but you also need to edit posts, take photos, design blog page layouts, execute marketing plans, and even determine the technical part of the website.

In short-a, a blogger is a job that puts all the work together. At first, this sounds daunting, but in fact, it is great because it enables you to learn new knowledge and skills.

As a blogger, I have learned and developed many new skills in the past few years. For example, I learned how to build a website, promote my blog through social media, take and edit photos for blog posts, and more!

So, should I blog with no experience? Don’t worry. My blogging life also started from scratch. There are many online platforms that teach you how to use a lot of resources. I learned all the skills in Wealthy Affiliate, which is a global online learning platform for people who are interested in starting a blog or even an online business


Why Should I Start A Blog

The blog teaches you valuable life lessons in planning, goal setting, time management, self-motivation, and time management. Besides, as a blogger, your personal development and self-development journey is incredible.

This is not only the confidence and money you gain from blogging and developing a successful online business. It teaches you to be more resilient, more patient, plan more carefully, witty, motivated, set goals, and go far beyond your imagination. I can say that I got better because of blogging!

Why Should I Start A Blog? YES, I’m Ready!

If you decide to give it a try, I strongly recommend that you read my other article on how to build a blog step-by-step guide. Through this article, I will show you exactly how to create a blog and your own website.

I hope this article will help you, let you know what it means to be a blogger, and provide you with answers, whether blogging is worth it or not.

Why Should I Start A Blog

Start Blogging NOW!

Are you interested in starting a blog? Have you ever asked yourself whether you should learn how to start a blog? Can you think of other reasons to start blogging?

I will be happy to answer your questions in the comments! -Rose.

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