How to use Pinterest to promote your blog? Must-read tips for beginners

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Did you ever think of using Pinterest to drive traffic to your website and blog? And how to use Pinterest to promote your blog?

use Pinterest to promote your blog

I know you didn’t give attention to this crucial platform. If we look around, most people prefer Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for promotions.

But when we talk about social media, then we can’t negate the importance of Pinterest marketing.

There are tips that you can use for Pinterest marketing. So, let’s learn more about this topic that will ultimately help the blog touch the sky’s heights.

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How to use Pinterest to promote your blog

11 must-read tips of Pinterest marketing for beginners:

Most marketers make the mistake of ignoring Pinterest while introducing a social media marketing strategy.

But the purpose of today’s writing is to tell you tips to use Pinterest marketing effectively.

1. Make a Pinterest business account

How to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website? The very first step is going to build a base for Pinterest marketing.

Yes, at the first step, you have to make an entirely free business account.

But if you already have a personal account, then you can convert it into a business handle.

However, after making the business account, you will have access to Pinterest analytics and ad manager. Here are some tips that will help to avoid mistakes.

Pro tips:

  • Pay serious attention while choosing the business account name. Because later, you will use that in your URL. So, it’s better to choose a name after checking the availability of the domain name.
  • Don’t forget to optimize the profile by adding relevant details, company logos, and photos. In this way, people can quickly locate your business and pins. Moreover, SEO optimization is vital for the account. So, pay attention to Pinterest SEO.

2. Create at least 10 Pinterest boards

It is another crucial thing to promote website on Pinterest, and you can’t negate the importance of creating Pinterest boards.

I will recommend creating at least 10 different Pinterest boards that are related to your niche. In this way, it will help you to know more about your niche.

For example, if you are starting a Pinterest account to promote your women health blog, then your boards could be like this:

  • Daily Workouts
  • Health tips
  • Ways to lose weight fast
  • Blog writing tips and tricks
  • Famous ideas to start a free blog Etc

Let’s look at the Pinterest board of the most popular women fitness blog Love Sweet Fitness. There are around

use Pinterest to promote your blog

However, with time, you will get more ideas to create boards. It’s a great and convenient way to categorize different types of content.

Pro tips:

  • It will help if you remember the importance of Pinterest SEO at this point. If you want to use Pinterest to promote your blog, try to optimize the boards with related profitable keywords. As a result, there are chances that pins will show in the “Picked for you” section.

3. Create images for Pinterest

I know you are already aware that Pinterest is all about images, infographics, and gifs. But how to make Pinterest pins for the blog?

If someone is looking at your pictures, then it’s your responsibility to make them worth watching. As a result of attractive images, people will take the business seriously. Moreover, there would be more ratio of saving your pins. Here are some tips for creating attention-grabbing pin images.

Pro tips:

  • Canva is one of the tops choices to create fantastic pin-able images. It is a platform that offers beautiful templates, graphics, sizes, and all those that are vital to design pictures. Above all, you don’t need to have high-end skills to use the Canva. It’s free, and you can customize images as per your needs and requirement.
  • Moreover, if you want to upload an image on Pinterest, then the size ratio should be around 2:3. According to Buffer’s guide, the image size could be about 8000*1200px. You can use any size as long as it is under the ratio of 2:3.
use Pinterest to promote your blog

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4. Include video pins in the publishing list

It is a real thing that more than 80% of the viewers like to watch content in video or image shape.

If you want to use Pinterest to promote your blog, then it’s a must to add video pins on the board. By using video pins, you can share a broad story in fewer possible words. There are the following benefits of using video pins:

  • These are good for SEO optimization.
  • You can dedicate a separate video for each board.
  • Video pins come at the top of the list on the mobile app search result.

Pro tips:

  • It’s the best tip to use Canva (Free or paid version) to create the customized images and videos. Apart from this, you have the option of using Canva images to create a slideshow.

5. Pinterest SEO: Optimize pins

There are many places where you can put keywords to make the board and pins SEO optimized.

But Pin description and pin titles are the two primary and most vital places.

  • While placing the keyword in the pin title, ensure it is up to 100 characters. Moreover, try to choose words that are relevant to your content and niche.
  • In addition to this, you can write a pin description of up to 500 words. It’s like a description of your content. But it is good to place keywords in the first 75-100 words because they show on the feed.

Pro tips:

If we look at the stats, then the pins that contain useful data bring 30% more engagement. So, try to follow these tips to make the thumbnails more relatable and valuable.

  • Pins should be helpful for the readers.
  • Images should have detailed information about the topic that you are trying to explain.
  • Try to make the pins as attractive as possible to grab attention.
  • Don’t forget to use related #hashtags in the pin description. It’s another fantastic way to bring more audience and to use Pinterest to promote your blog.

Apart from this, by including “CALL to action” phrases in the description, you can create a sense of urgency. It’s a great way to urge readers to check the website or collection.

6. Go for the rich pins

If we create a pin from our website, then it is known as “Rich Pin.”

However, this sort of hook extracts all essential information from your website for the audience.

If we look at the trends, then rich pins like Product, article, and app are in action. Rich pins play an important to use Pinterest to promote your blog. Moreover, these pins work flawlessly to make Pinterest SEO more effective.

Pro tips:

  • It is vital to use a type of Rich pin that relates more to your content and niche. Apart from this, your Pinterest marketing’s success depends on the type of rich pin that you prefer to use. As a result, it will help to bring more traffic.

7. Posting time is crucial while using Pinterest to promote your blog

The time to post content is of utmost importance, and it has a direct connection with the success or failure of Pinterest marketing.

So, it is vital to know the time when most of your audience is available and can engage. For example, if you are posting about sewing products and targeting homemakers, post when they are free. Usually, Pinterest is a night-time app where it is best to post in the late evening.

Pro tips:

  • If you want to post pins when most of your audience is active, then Pinterest Analytics can help in this regard. Yes, in a business account, you can post after checking the analytics when most of your audience is ready to engage.
  • It is best to use a scheduling app like Tailwind to save time and extra effort. You only need to create a Tailwind account that is available in free and paid versions. Moreover, through Tailwind, you can see when your audience is active.
use Pinterest to promote your blog

Note: Tailwind is offering browser extensions to make it easier for the users. Furthermore, you can directly download pins on Tailwind for scheduling. As a result of these efforts and using Tailwind, you can triple your viewers. It is a tool that makes it easier to use Pinterest to promote your blog.

8. Post Un-interruptedly

I know you have heard that consistency is the key to success.

So, you can use this key to bring more traffic and customers to your site. If you want to build the authority of your account, then post more often. In this way, you can keep the users engage, and later this audience will bring business for you.

Pro tips:

  • It is preferred and suggested to post pins at least 10 times a day. It is an incredible hack not to leave your audience unengaged, and they will not feel isolated. But don’t forget to use the mix pins to grab the public’s attention.

9. Joining group board is a great idea:

If you want to bring more traffic to your site, you will have to go overboard in extraordinary efforts.

One of the ways to use Pinterest to promote your blog is by joining board groups. Pinboards work with more than one contributor, and every group has different rules and regulations that are must follow.

Pro tip:

  • It’s vital to find a group where your pin can engage with hundreds and thousands of viewers. So, “” is a great suggestion to see a list of group boards.

10. Follow other boards to boost visibility:

Pinterest is a platform where you can find many things to discover, learn and teach.

Pinterest also works on the pattern of other social media platforms where you get the advantage of collaborations and influence marketing. So, follow the right accounts and try to engage with them.

It is a strong indicator in the eyes of Pinterest, and you can improve your visibility and post ranking.

Pro tip:

  • You can take advantage of this trick if you are following the right accounts. Yes, it’s vital to follow the handles that relate to your niche. Apart from this, follow boards with high traffic and followers because it ultimately boosts your pins.

11. Be consistent and patient

Patience leads to success, and you will have to work hard to win the trust and build authority.

So, don’t assume that you are going to become a top influencer overnight.

Thus, invest your time, efforts and post consistently then you will be able to enjoy the fruit of your hard work. It’s a fact that people who publish high-quality content and stay with the platform for years have more chances of success.

Use Pinterest To Promote Your Blog – Conclusion:

Pinterest is more than images and graphics. It is a vast community that can boost websites’ traffic, sales and provides value.

However, you can use Pinterest to promote your blog by enhancing and giving value to the readers. So, don’t miss this opportunity to use Pinterest marketing for enhancing global reach. You can follow the above tips to get more advantages out of all these procedures.  

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