Where To Get Royalty-Free Images For Commercial Use: 7 Best Sites You Should Know

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Are you wondering Where To Get Royalty-Free Images For Commercial Use?

This article is the ultimate guide on how to find free images for blogs and websites and how to use them effectively.

Royalty-Free Images For Commercial Use
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Do you want to read blog posts that are a “sea” of words?

If your answer is NO, then your readers will probably have the same answers.

Why? because that’s boring!

When you start a blog, you need to add images to your posts and make them more visually appealing for your readers, just like the cover of a book.

In addition, adding images to your blog posts will help to get more attention from your readers and get traffic to your new blog.

And according to OptinMOnster, blog posts with images get more views, as well as more shares on social media.

All in all: if you’re going to grab your reader’s attention and stay ahead of the blog marketing game to make money blogging, adding images to your blog is a MUST.

However, finding the right image for the blog posts can be a hassle — and may cause legal liability.

No worry just read on and find out where to get the Royalty-Free Images For Commercial Use.

7 Websites That Offer Royalty-Free Images For Commercial Use

So, Where To Get Royalty-Free Images For Commercial Use?

Thankfully, high-quality images don’t have always come with a high price tag. That’s why I’ve put together this list of websites that offer free images for commercial use.

I know you’ll find the best free images for your blog posts with the help of these sites.

Let’s check it out and dive in!


Royalty-Free Images For Commercial Use

Pixabay is my absolute favorite place to get free images for my blogs.

They have 1.9+ million stunning copyright-free images available to use anywhere.

From beautiful landscape photos to stunning close up of a human face, their photo collection includes nearly everything you’re looking for.

Pixabay’s selection is tremendous

And if you think that wasn’t awesome enough…

All contents on Pixabay are under their own license, which essentially lets you use those images for commercial purposes, and no need to ask for permission, except in the cases mentioned in “What is not allowed”.

Although attribution is not required by Pixabay, a credit to the photo owner is always appreciated.

Click here to learn more about Pixabay licensing terms.


Royalty-Free Images For Commercial Use

Unsplash is another incredible place to source free images. They offer a fantastic bank of high-quality images taken by great photographers!

Unsplash also has its own license, which means you can use the images for free, in any way you like.

It is simple to use, and crediting images is not required. However, it will be appreciated if you do so.

But if you are using the free service from Unsplash, remember there has something that you are not allowed:

you are not allowed to sell the free photo or compiling it from Unsplash to replicate a similar or competing service.

Furthermore, there are some premium paid images in Unsplash, but no worry, they still have thousands of free images you can use.

3. PXhere

Royalty-Free Images For Commercial Use

Pxhere is another reputable site with tens of thousands of free stock photos for your blog use.

You can search the image by look through popular photos, simply check out their collections, or search by keywords.

PXhere’s photos are released under the Creative Commons Zero license (CC0).

With the cover of the “Creative Commons,” license, you may download, edit, alter, publish, and do almost everything you want with the photo absolutely free under certain conditions.

Feel free to check out more about PXhere license terms here.


Royalty-Free Images For Commercial Use

Pexels is another good place to find high-quality free images for your blogs.

And why I like it…

They aim to help designers, bloggers, and everyone to have free access to great photos and videos to create something awesome.

If you see a photo or video you like in Pexel, just simply download and use it for free.

What I like most is their search functions, and they do a great job of organizing images.


Personally, i feel that their photo selection is limited there is not a lot of variety of images.

Moreover, you’ll also start to notice that many of the more popular free stock images are listed on multiple sites.

So I highly suggest checking with larger sites like Pixabay or Unsplash FRIST to diversify your search.

Here are the license terms in Pexel, free feel to check it out.

5. Flickr

Royalty-Free Images For Commercial Use

You may hear about Flickr.

It is one of the well-known free stock photos sites with tens of billions of photos for creators like us.

And similar to PXhere, they categorizing photos into groups which makes the photo easy to search.

For example, there are 4 million photos under the “Nature” group for you to choose from.

Sound good?

But this number included both free AND paid photos.

So, when you searching photos in Flickr, make sure you have understood all the license terms of the selected photo.

And if you just looking for a FREE stock image, remember to select the “all creative commons” license.

Click here for more information about the all “creative commons” license on Flickr.

6. Burst by Shopify

Royalty-Free Images For Commercial Use

Yes, it’s powered by Shopify, one of the biggest E-commerce platforms that allows you to set up an online store.

Burst is the free stock photo platform by Shopify which includes thousands of royalty-free images that were shot by their awesome photographers.

It is great and interesting to use because…

It offers high-res and a low-res option for every photo. In other words, you can choose the size and quality of the photo when downloading.

Also, they organize the photos in different trending collections for your niche to choose from, such as “Beauty”, “Shop Local”, “Wellness”, “Home Baking”, etc.

All images under Burst are royalty-free.

BUT, be careful about how you may use them as every image under Burst are with different license terms.

7. Canva

Royalty-Free Images For Commercial Use

If you never heard about Canva, it’s time for you to know about this amazing photo site.

So, what is Canva?

Canva is MORE THAN a free images site. It’s more of a photo editing tool.

It is loaded with enough user-friendly features and functionality that help you create a variety of stunning images and content that gets shared.

  • Canva has everything you need for amazing design:
  • Tons of Images and Fonts to Use ( Included both free and premium stock photos)
  • Drag-and-Drop function for editing
  • Free Icons and Shapes
  • Photo filters
  • Amazing template for different types of content: Logo, Social Media Posts, Poster, Card, Flyers…and much more

Quick Note About “Creative Commons”

Many of these image sites offer free images with the licensed “creative commons”.

Generally, this means you can copy, distribute, modify, and use it for your work, even for commercial without having permission. However, some images may require credit.

Thus, just remember that images you get from all these “royalty-free” websites, they are not totally free to use or edit (and may have copyrights attached to them).

So, it’s always GOOD for you to check the permissions of each image that you would like to use as each image may have different rules to use.

The below video tells more about “What Are Creative Commons Licenses.”

Can you use Google images for commercial use?

In fact, you CANNOT download or use images from Google unless you have sought permission from the copyright holder, or it shows that it’s free for commercial use under the “License Details”.

Actually, you may get in trouble if you don’t use Google Images very carefully. I personally have did not use the images from them and highly recommend you do the same.

What happens if you use copyrighted images without permission?

Penalties and even a Lawsuit will be the result.

If you used someone else’s copyrighted image for commercial use, you may have to pay the image owner monetary damages.

In a serious case, the court may prohibit you from further using that image without the owner’s consent.


People are visual by nature.

If you likely have content on your blog at this point without any image at all, it’s the right time for you to be aware of the importance that you need to create your posts with images.

Because of this, I recommend that you go check out the free image websites listed above and make your next post with high-quality images.

Remember, your images should visually match your content so do make sure that you do this.

Moreover, we are NOT just talking about the images that are within your blog posts.

Creating high-quality images and designs is even more important for your social media post.

I hope with all the stunning free photos to choose from, your next social media post can be more successful.

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Royalty-Free Images For Commercial Use

Did I miss any of your favorite resources that offer Royalty-Free Images For Commercial Use? Let me know in the comments sections below! I’d love to hear from you!

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