Is Wealthy Affiliate Scam? Join or not Join? The Only Guide You Need

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Is Wealthy Affiliate Scam (1)

Is Wealthy Affiliate Scam?

Can you really make money with Wealthy Affiliate?

What is Wealthy Affiliate and how does it work?

Is Wealthy Affiliate worth it?

My guess is that you’ve come to this page because you’re looking into Wealthy Affiliate, and you have the above questions on your mind.

You may also learn from somewhere that Wealthy Affiliate(WA) is one of the most well-known and well-recognized affiliate marketing training programs available today.

You’re thinking about joining Wealthy Affiliate and want to know whether it’s legit or whether it’s yet another “make money online” scam.

I understand why you feel that way. Scams in the make-money-online space, for starters, are extremely popular. They’re all over the place.

As you learn more about Wealthy Affiliate, your concerns about it being a scam are likely to rise. There seems just to be something wrong.

If you think like that, you are wise enough.

1. Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam?

“Yes”? or “No”? Regrettably it is not so straightforward to answer this question.

Before answering this question, i would like to ask what you expect from Wealthy Affiliate?

If your answer is looking to get rich quick – Then the answer is YES if asking about “Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam?”

But if you are looking for a program that teaches you how to build a long-run affiliate business – then I would say that Wealthy Affiliate(WA) is NOT a scam. It is a wholly legit affiliate marketing program and offers a quality product.

But I understand you still can’t put your finger on Wealthy Affiliate as you still feeling something wrong.

This article will clear up that mystery. I’ll go over why Wealthy Affiliate appears to be a scam and discuss more of how the Wealthy Affiliate works in the below section.

2. Why Do People Think Wealthy Affiliate is a Scam?

Let me walk you through an example of a typical situation. This may or may not be how you arrived at this page on my website, but this is how things usually work.

You’ve been looking for a way to make money online – and you’ve come across different “training programs,” “systems,” and “gurus,” all claiming to be able to teach you some ways to earn money online. Some of them seem to be scams, and in my experience, they are.

And then you’ve been looking for “Wealthy Affiliate Review” and “Is Wealthy Affiliate Scam” or similar phrases.

What you think is encouraging at first because so many people promote like this: Wealthy Affiliate is the #1 way to make money online!

However, you find that it’s overwhelmingly positive……and most of the Wealthy Affiliate reviews appear to be a scam and end up with a massive sales pitch for Wealthy Affiliate.

Then, Wealthy Affiliate looks like a scam….very likely.

3. Wealthy Affiliate is A Scam…If you want to Get Rich Quick

As i mentioned before, you may see many bloggers promote Wealthy Affiliate as the #1 way to make money online!

But “#1 way to make money online” = “100% make you rich overnight ” ??

I doubt it.

However, many new affiliate marketers believe that Wealthy Affiliate is something that can help them to get rich quick and make money over a single night.

And after they buy it and work hard for a few months with no positive result, then they claimed WA is a scam.

If you think in the same way, then my recommendation is that “don’t join the Wealthy Affiliate”, it’s not a get-rich-quick game.

Wealthy Affiliate is a program that teaches you how to start your affiliate marketing business with a host of tools and high-quality training.

And in Wealthy Affiliate’s own ads, it does not make any bold claims about getting rich overnight.

To run a successful online company, you’ll need some investment, both in your money and time.

In general, affiliate marketing, like any other endeavor, necessitates a significant amount of time, commitment, and learning.

4. Why Wealthy Affiliate is “NOT” A Scam? A Review From An Actual Member

Yes, you’re right! I am, too, a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

Just like the other reviews you read before, I will end up this post with the sales pitch of Wealthy Affiliate. And i will get some commission only if you being a premium member of WA.

Feel Betrayed Yet? But I can honestly tell you below why i still strongly recommend Wealthy Affiliate to you.

But honestly, promoting WA is not my main blogging income. My main incomes come from my other website HAHAGIFTIDEAS, which has provided me with are steady incomes monthly.

In fact, I had no idea what affiliate marketing is before i join Wealthy Affiliate in 2016. I was working in a job I didn’t like, and what i wished was to have more time with my family and become financially free.

After 5 years, I am now a full-time blogger and earning few thousand each month. I know that’s not a big money but it’s enough for me to quit my full-time work and doing what i want to do in my free time,. This kind of life is actually what i long looking for and enjoy a lot.

So, what has changed me? The Answer is Wealthy Affiliate!

And below is the reason why Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam:

Reason #1: Wealthy Affiliate Growing From 2005 until now

Wealthy Affiliate’s platform has continued to grow and innovate at a faster rate than the industry since 2005.

And now, it’s over 16 years and it has over 800,000+ members from over 195+ countries, and keeps growing bigger and bigger.

How can a scam program be growing consistently into such HUGH size?

Reason #2: It offers Free “starter membership

It’s free to join Wealthy Affiliate, the Start membership is free.

p.s. this is a free starter membership, not a free Trail membership.

A Starter membership differs from a free trial in that the former never expires. Your Starter membership is valid for as long as you want it to be.

For their starter membership, on the other hand, no credit card information is needed. If you’re very uncomfortable starting with WA, just make up a fake name and email address to gain access and have a look inside.

In this case, you will have enough time to consider if Wealthy Affiliate is the right program for you.

Once you are ready, then you may upgrade to their premium membership with $49/month, click here to find out more price information about WA.

Reason #3: Many Successful stories

Many of you may be wondering if there are any Wealthy Affiliate success stories at this stage. The answer is YES.

Check out some of the Wealthy Affiliate success stories below:

1) EddySalomon – $1M With WA!

Is Wealthy Affiliate Scam

Eddy is one of Wealthy Affiliate University’s top Affiliates, having joined the company back in June 2007.

Eddy has demonstrated that his affiliate business was not easy at first, but with patience and persistence, his dreams came true, and paydays were well worth it.

Eddy’s website should now have brought him $4 million in sales since its launch, and that’s around $300.000 a year!

2) Jerry Huang – $100,000 In 7 Days!

Is Wealthy Affiliate Scam

Jerry is one of my favorite Wealthy Affiliate success stories, and he is the youngest WA super affiliate I’ve ever seen.

Jerry joined Wealthy Affiliate in May 2016 and his website was creating a full-time passive income (approximately $7000 per month) for him.

Jerry has applied everything he learned from Wealthy Affiliate and invested in an Affiliate Marketing Course in Mandarin.

Three months later, in March 2019, the course was held, and it raised $40.000 in just four hours. Jerry’s affiliate course gave him a total of $100.000 in earnings a week later.

3) Bryonbrewer – $1.1 Million In 5 Years!

Is Wealthy Affiliate Scam

Bryon is one of Wealthy Affiliate’s most inspiring success stories.

Since 2012, he has been a member of Wealthy Affiliate. His online company made $1.1 million in sales in 2017. This was a tremendous achievement, and it’s incredible to think it just took him 5 years from the day he joined WA to achieve it.

In addition, Bryon managed a team of over 200 freelancers and full-time staff in 2018.

Bryonbrewer’s business tale is incredible, and if he can do it, so can you!

Reason #4: You Do NOT Need to Promote Wealthy Affiliate

You’re probably wondering if Wealthy Affiliate simply teaches people how to promote Wealthy Affiliate at this stage.

This isn’t the case at all!

Multi-level marketing scams often use this business model, although only a small percentage of people succeed in it

But the fact is that Wealthy Affiliate will show you how to sell just about anything at any niche market!

You will learn how to promote ANY product or service by starting your own website and transform your ideas into profits from any niche.

Reason #5: Wealthy Affiliate Won A lawsuit

Furthermore, Kyle Loudoun, one of the Wealthy Affiliate founders, wrote an article in 2014 alleging that an MLM business named MOBE was a Scam, based on his analysis and facts.

As a result, MOBE has filed a lawsuit, alleging that Kyle’s article defamed their business and caused a revenue loss.

They’ve been sued since 2015, but they’ve held firm, and in 2018, WA and Kyle won.

So, what’s the end result?

Kyle has contributed half of the awarded settlement ($65,000 Canadian Dollars) to the FTC and Receiver’s repatriation efforts for customers who were victims of this MOBE, despite the fact that the legal expenses to operate this case were MUCH higher than the amount they were awarded.

This is amazing because reality still wins.

Wealthy Affiliate’s founders have proved to us that they are not a pyramid scheme by assisting a victim of a scam program, and if it can’t prove WA is not a scam, then i don’t know what would!

Read the full lawsuit stories here

5. how does Wealthy Affiliate work?

Wealthy Affiliate is an all-in-one bundle that includes training, software, and website hosting. It’s designed to be a one-stop shop for those interested in learning about affiliate marketing.

Here are some most important aspects you can find in Wealthy Affiliate:

  • Education
  • Website Building
  • Hosting
  • Domain
  • Community

# Education

Firstly, Wealthy Affiliate has provided high-quality hand-in-hand training, with a total of 50 lessons and divided into 5 levels, each of which is structured to walk you through the fundamentals of building a website and driving traffic to it.

Here’s how it works:

1) Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) Training – A hand-in-hand video training, with a total of 50 lessons and divided into 5 levels, each of which is structured to walk you through the fundamentals of building a website and driving traffic to it.

It’s fit for ANY business niche you want to grow.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Scam

2)Affiliate Bootcamp – A 7 phrase(total 70 lessons) Training walking you through how to creating a website and a business in a niche to promote Wealthy Affiliate

Is Wealthy Affiliate Scam

3)Live Classes – Weekly live classes that allow you to interact and communicate directly with the instructor, as well as receive assistance with any questions you might have.

Topics included SEO, Social Media Marketing, website development, dropshipping, video marketing, business mindset, and much more!

Is Wealthy Affiliate Scam

# Website Building

Any successful business begins with a strong base, which in this case, an online business, is a website.

At Wealthy Affiliate, you can use their SiteRubix website platform to start and develop your own website and business.

Moreover, they have some of the most powerful and integrated resources for website research, management, rating, and security, and it’s not just about websites.

It’s ridiculously simple to use and surprisingly user-friendly. Even you don’t have any experience or tech knowledge, you can build up your website easily.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Scam

# Hosting

Wealthy Affiliate offers a safe, stable, but the strong hosting environment for you to run your businesses. They handle the technology so you can concentrate on your business

  • web-space up to 30GB.
  • Hosting speed is ultra-fast with amazon c3 large.
  • It can entertain up to 1 million visitors per month.
  • Free SSL certificate to ensure security.
  • Wealthy affiliate offers daily website backups.
  • You can enjoy unlimited accounts on the domain level.
  • Website feedback is allowed, and you can improve the experience b taking suggested actions.
  • Double Host Your Site

# Domains

The SiteRubix platform from Wealthy Affiliate includes fully integrated websites, domains, and website maintenance.

  • Full Email access.
  • Complete privacy and domain protection.
  • Each domain purchase comes with a full set of email accounts.
  • You don’t have to worry about being sold on various upsells or being charged more in subsequent years like other domain registers.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you have all included all in one place…with a price $13.6/domain/year.

# Community

Once you’ve gained access to the Wealthy Affiliate member’s location, you’ll quickly become involved in the group and its activities, as well as welcomed by the community.

To be honest, the most challenging part for me to build my online business is finding assistance when need it.

In Wealthy Affiliate, you may expect to receive assistance in a timely manner by having access to a diverse group of people with various levels of expertise.

This caring group will be there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Scam

6. How To Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate?

How can I make money with Wealthy Affiliate? It is one of the most common questions many people have before joining WA.

Many people come to WA with the hope of earning passive income and believe that it is similar to an MLM pyramid scheme in terms of recruiting people into the program.

This, however, is not the case.

To begin, you must determine which business model to apply, and consider which way you would like to use to earn money online.

  1. Create a website that promotes and endorses WA (and other related programs and opportunities)
  2. Create affiliate websites in a specific niche that you familiar with

My advice is to choose a niche that you are already familiar with, as the Make Money Online niche is already extremely competitive.

Many of the most popular WA members create and promote their niche-specific affiliate websites rather than being just promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

7. Can You Really Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate?

On average, if you want to be a successful affiliate marketer and start to earn money online, it takes a year at least from scratch.

But of course, some cases only take a few months if you put your work in the right direction.

In Wealthy Affiliate, the training mainly focuses on teaching you how to grow or business consistently on SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and social media marketing, instead of paid traffic.

And when you apply SEO on a brand new website, it takes some time for it to get up and running.

Base on my personal experience, the first affiliate commission probably won’t come before the 3 to 6 months threshold. I earn my first commission of $0.3 from my Amazon affiliate link after around 4 months of setting up my first website…..

By reaching the one-year milestone, though, you should already have a well-established website that has the ability to generate a full-time income for you.

However, I must emphasize that outcomes will differ, and there is no way to predict can you really make money with Wealthy Affiliate.

There are a number of variables that have an effect on the results of your money-making website:

  • the niche you select
  • the consistency of your work
  • The amount of time and money you invested in
  • and your execution’s accuracy on SEO

8. Who Should NOT Join Wealthy Affiliate

I’ll try by saying that Wealthy Affiliate isn’t for everyone, and you won’t start making money just because you sign up for their membership and attend the training.

I see a lot of people sign up for Wealthy Affiliate and then leave after a month or so.

What is the reason for this?

Perhaps they went into it with unrealistic expectations, became discouraged, and gave up.

And as I mentioned above, Wealthy Affiliate never uses phrases like “get rich easy,” “make money quickly,” or similar phrases.

Since Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to create a legitimate Affiliate Marketing business they don’t use those words.

If you’re looking for a fast way to make money, Wealthy Affiliate is not the place to be.

To become good at creating a successful online business, you’ll need a lot of time and effort. Wealthy Affiliate is not for you if you are one of the following:

  • Looking to make a lot of money quickly
  • Don’t have any spare cash to spend
  • Work too many jobs and don’t have enough time for a side hustle
  • Easy to become discouraged
  • You do not willing to solve problems

9. Who Should Join Wealthy Affiliate

Since the simple fact is that internet marketing is not for all, you must be completely truthful with yourself.

  • Who is tired of 9-5 daily job and want more free time for their life
  • Who is looking to start a long-term home business and support their family through the internet
  • Who has no idea of how to make money online and willing to spend time and effort to learn
  • Who is sick of other “make money online” scams
  • Who already has a blog as a side hobby and wants to turn it into a business
  • Who doesn’t have any technical knowledge of website building but has the enthusiasm to start their online business.

So, if you’re willing to put in the time and effort needed to create your own online business, I strongly advise you to stop reading and just sign up for Wealthy Affiliate’s free membership.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Scam? My Final Thought

So, what is your answer now?

When we take about Wealthy Affiliate, some people who want to get rich quick might see it as a scam, while others who want to have run a long-run and sustainable business might see this as a brilliant marketing strategy.

It’s a big decision to choose which affiliate marketing course to take. Starting on the wrong foot will result in a loss of money, time, and confidence.

Taking a good course, on the other hand, will significantly shorten the learning curve for being an effective affiliate marketer.

If and when you’re ready, I suggest you giving Wealthy Affiliate a try by register their free Starter account. (Which is totally free and no credit information needed and no time limitation)

You can start learning about affiliate marketing, and discover the community for yourself and then determine whether or not you will grow your online business from there.

To test and join Wealthy Affiliate for free and make the most of your starter membership, click here.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Scam

I’d love to know are you interested in Wealthy Affiliate? Please let me know in the comment section below. And if you find this post helpful, it will be great if you’d SHARE it with your friends!


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