How To Start A Lifestyle Blog : Starting Out Right Now With 7 Easy Steps

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Why am I so enthusiastic about telling you how to start a lifestyle blog?

How To Start A Lifestyle Blog

Learn How To Start A Lifestyle Blog is something may help you make money online and change your life.

Do you have a strong desire to share your own and others’ lifestyle experiences?

Do you enjoy reading newspapers that focus on lifestyle topics?

Do you start each day by reading the latest updates from your favorite online magazines?

If so, why not try your hand at learning How To Start A Lifestyle Blog and do something to change your life?

Blogging started as part-time for me, but it has grown into something more. That is the primary motivation for me to tell others how to start a lifestyle blog.

It has opened many doors and offered many opportunities that would not have been available if I hadn’t started my blogging life.

I have more time to enjoy my life and love what I really love now, which is the lifestyle i dreamed before.

Anyone can make money with a blog if they follow the right guide to start and willing to put in their work. I’m sure you will be able to start your own lifestyle blog and make your money too!

Let’s Start NOW! ?

What is a lifestyle blog?

How To Start A Lifestyle Blog

Simply put, a lifestyle blog is a blog where you write about what’s going on in your life!

It can be rather broad, or it can concentrate on a specific aspect of your life (such as food, or travel experience ), with some other content thrown in here and there.

It’s a very flexible choice, which is why I suggest it!

What is included in a lifestyle blog?

How To Start A Lifestyle Blog

To create a successful lifestyle blog you should understand what should be included in your lifestyle blog.

As a lifestyle blogger, you must be the focus on your interests, hobbies, and life experience.

Remember that a successful lifestyle blog must be a representation of the person (Yes, it’s YOU) who created it.

In order to have the best chance of success in today’s ultra-competitive blogging world, here are the things you should include in your lifestyle blog:

# Describe any life experiences you’ve had.

You can focus on explaining the experiences you’ve experienced in your blog, no matter it’s positive and negative.

It may be one single event or a wide variety of things you’ve experienced.

# Provide advice to your audience

Lifestyle blogs aim to help particular groups of people in having more fulfilling lives.

If there is a subject about which you are passionate, you can use your lifestyle blog to provide advice on it.

You can express your thoughts, as well as write about your stories and experiences, to help your audience live the lifestyle you do.

As a result, you will be able to help and guide your audience who are in the same position by sharing your experiences.

# Review products and service you’ve used

You can concentrate on reviewing the products and services you used in your lifestyle blog.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to share your thoughts and opinions on a wide range of products and services that you have encountered in your daily life.

How To Start A Lifestyle Blog? 7 Easy Steps To Make A Money Blogging

Below is the detailed step-by-step guide to help you navigate How To Start A Lifestyle Blog.

If you just want to learn the technical process of setting up your lifestyle blog quickly and easily, check out step #4.

How To Start A Lifestyle Blog
How To Start A Lifestyle Blog? 7 Easy Steps To Make A Money Blogging

Step # 1 Set The GOAL Of your lifestyle blog

When starting your lifestyle blog, there are SO MANY THINGS TO THINK ABOUT!

First and foremost, you must plan out what you intend to do and how far you are willing to go in terms of effort and time spent blogging.

Furthermore, you should think of why you want to start a lifestyle blog. Yes, there are numerous compelling reasons to start a lifestyle blog right now:

  • Become an Influencer
    • As a lifestyle blogger, you’ll have the chance to become an influencer in your chosen field. You can write for your own lifestyle blog, or you should collaborate with companies who want to make a difference in your niche.
  • Talk About Your Favorite Products
    • As a lifestyle blogger, you’ll be able to express yourself on a variety of subjects, like talking about your favorite products and sharing your thoughts on them with your audience.
  • Get Your Voice Heard
    • One of the primary motivations for starting a lifestyle blog is to share your thoughts in the internet world. You can create content as a lifestyle blogger that is inspired by your own everyday activities and personal interests.
  • Make Money Online
    • Yes, make money blogging is one of the key reasons why people start a lifestyle blog. And the fact is that you can earn money online from your blog in a number of ways if you follow blog monetization best practices.

Step # 2 Choose Your Lifestyle Blog Niche

Lifestyle blogs, for the most part, are about your lifestyle and hobbies, and are more focused on storytelling.

Do you have a passion for cooking? Starting a food blog is a great way to get your name out there. Is it common for your friends to seek your fashion advice? Fashion blogging may be the way to go.

Ask yourself the 2 questions below:

  1. What are your interests?
  2. What are your skills?

People will flock to your blog if you can give advice and generally assist them. Thus, it’s critical to blog about topics that you love and are talented in. Your readers will notice if you enjoy the subject and are enthusiastic about what you’re writing about.

Here is the common lifestyle blog niche for your consideration:

  • Fashion  
  • Food and Recipe
  • Health & Fitness
  • Travel
  • Finances
  • Home Décor
  • Gardening
  • Motherhood
  • Beauty
  • Self Care

To make it easier to draw an audience to your lifestyle blog, you should narrow your focus, and pick one or two niches to concentrate on when starting your lifestyle blog.

You can always expand once you’ve developed yourself, but it’s always best to start with only a few to avoid being overwhelmed by the sheer number of topics as a new blogger.

Step #3: Decide Your Domain Name

The next move is to choose the domain name for your lifestyle blog. This is the URL address of your blog, and what goes here:

Keep in mind that the domain name you choose will serve as your blog’s brand. For this reason, take your time while making a decision.

Here are some suggestions to help you come up with a good name for your lifestyle blog.

Go for a “.com”

  • Nowadays there are several different domain name extensions to choose from, such as “.blog,” “.net,” “.org,” and so on.
  • Stick with “.com” because it is the domain extension that everybody is familiar with and can recall.

Go for Short and Simple Name

  • Don’t you want people to be able to find you easily on the web? It always helps to have a short and simple name.
  • A long and dull name obviously does not stick in the minds of the public.

Go For Your Own Name

  • At the end of the day, you want people to know and remember who you are? You are free to use your own name (I have used my name to name my blog) and build the brand of your lifestyle blog.

Go For a Board Name

  • If you choose a name that is too specific, you will restrict your ability to grow your lifestyle blog in the future.
  • If you call your website “,” for example, you won’t be able to write about any other topics, like fashion and fitness, later.

Step #4: Buy your blog Hosting (and Domain Name)

When you’ve gotten this far in learning how to start a lifestyle blog, it’s time to think about your blogging hosting choices carefully.

There are a lot of blogging hosting companies for you to choose from, both free and paid.

You can always go for the free blogging platform if you just want to start it as a hobby, such as

However, if your goal is to make money online or become a professional blogger with the flexibility to make changes as needed in the later stage, I will suggest a paid hosting company.

So, which Blogging Hosting Should I Choose?

For a new bloggers, i will highly recommend Bluehost.

How To Start A Lifestyle Blog

The steps of starting your Bluehost account and setting up your blog are straightforward.

Actually, you can finish it within an hour and start blogging, which is why I suggest Bluehost as your blog hosting.

  1. Get Started and Choose the Blue Host Plan
  2. Purchase Your Blog’s Name on Bluehost
  3. Installing WordPress
  4. Choose the most appropriate WordPress theme
  5. Edit Your Website details
  6. Install the WordPress plugins that are needed.
  7. Set up The “Must-Need” Pages Of Your Blog
  8. Organize your website Menu
  9. Create and Publish your First Posts

You will find a comprehensive guide here about how to build your blog with Bluehost.

Here are some of the reasons WHY I highly recommend Bluehost:

  • User friendly for Beginners
  • Technical support is available 24/7 via Bluehost web hosting.
  • Low-cost to start ($2.95/month if you start with the discount link here)
  • You can get a free blog domain if sign up for a 12-month plan
  • Even if you are not tech-savvy, it’s simple to customize.
  • Bluehost provides a 30 days money-back guarantee if you decide it isn’t right for you.
  • You’ll be hosting yourself. If you want to make money from your blog, you’ll need to go self-hosted.
  • You’ll have a much more professional blog appearance.

(To know more, click here to read: Is Bluehost A Good Hosting? 10 Reasons Why Use Bluehost)

Furthermore, the step of setting up your blog hosting is usually the hardest to make.

But NOT when it comes to Bluehost.

Step #5: Start Writing

OK, after purchasing your domain name and blog hosting, you can now start writing!

If you’re a fashion blogger, your should write your blog post about Wellness, Exercise, Diet, Weight Loss, and so on.

The process of creating content for a lifestyle blog is close to that of other websites.

However, you should focus the content more on your own experience.

For example, if you are a food blogger, create a recipe of your own and don’t just copy and paste from others. And if your blog is about motherhood, share the experience of your parenting life with some daily photos of your family.

Here are some sub-topic ideas for your inspirations

  • Parenting: Pregnancy, Baby, Education, Toys and Games, Story Book, etc.
  • Food: Cooking, Recipes, Wine, Cocktails, Events Planning, etc.
  • Fashion, and Beauty: Skincare, Haircare, Makeup, Health and Wellness Tips, etc.
  • Home and Garden: Decor, Home Improvement, Crafts, DIY, Interior Decoration, Gardening, Natural Living, Homemaking, etc.

Make every effort to provide as much relevance and knowledge to your readers as possible when creating content and stay focused on blogging.

However, avoid rambling on for too long because most people’s attention spans online are very short, and they’ll be more likely to click away from your blog post if you do.

Here are more tips about how to write a good blog post, click to learn more

Step #6: Promoting Your Lifestyle Blog

You now know how to start a lifestyle blog and how to write your blog post.

The next process is to let your lifestyle blog getting in front of readers.

While the process may appear difficult, it is still possible to find an audience for your lifestyle blog if you follow the ways below.

Tell Your Family and Friends:

Once your blog is live, the first thing you should do is share it with your friends and family.

In order to increase your exposure, ask them to check out your blog and share it with their own networks.

Using Social Media:

Social media has been rooted in all forms of marketing in this digital age.

To be effective in Social Media Marketing, you must keep your blog active on social media at all times in order to increase traffic to a new blog.

Always share your blog posts on social media after they are published.

Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin are the most used social media sites for reaching a larger audience.

You may also use Facebook or LinkedIn groups to promote your new lifestyle site.

Make contact with people who have shown an interest in the subjects you cover on your blog and invite them to check it out.

Promote by Emails:

You should start creating your own email list of subscribers on your blog as a lifestyle blogger.

Moreover, you can start with the resources you already have. Send emails with a connection to your blog to your current contacts.

Request that they visit your blog and share it with their friends. Also, don’t forget to include a link to your blog in your email signature.

Share in Online Forums:

You can share your new blog with a ready-made community of like-minded individuals by joining forums and online communities like or the,, and etc

Request that people visit your blog and provide input and comments, as well as suggestions about what kind of content they would like to see.

Search engine optimization (SEO):

SEO is the main source of traffic for most lifestyle blogs.

You must always concentrate on implementing great SEO practices from the very first post you write.

This is without a doubt the most effective way to attract new readers to your blog, but it takes time to see a steady stream of traffic, so be patient when putting in continuous effort.

 Advertise Your Lifestyle Blog:

While you’re waiting for your SEO efforts to bear fruit, consider investing in paid Ads for your lifestyle blog.

Investing in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Pinterest Ads may help bring more traffic to your blog and expand your email list much more quickly than if you relied solely on organic traffic generation strategies.

Many new bloggers are hesitant to spend money on ads, however, it is one of the great ways to drive traffic to your blog and begin building your own audience.

For more detail about how to drive traffic to your new blog, read the full guide here.

Step #7: make a profitable lifestyle blog

Now comes the part that i guess many of you have been looking forward to: monetizing your lifestyle blog.

Here are some ways of how you can begin earning money from your lifestyle blog and turn it into a sustainable online business.

Affiliate Marketing:

As an affiliate, you will promote someone else’s product or service on your blog and receive a commission for each sale under your referral.

If your website is about Fashion and Beauty, you can promote clothing, shoes, watch, makeup, or fragrance to your visitors.

For example, if you join the affiliate program of Nike and refer your visitors from your blog to the Nike website and they make a sale of a Shoe for $100, you will automatically receive up to 11% commission, i.e. up to $11.

Google Adsense:

You allocate some space on your blog to display the ads from by Google, once your audience clicks the ads, you will get paid from Google.

According to the data, this method is allowing more than 11 million websites to generate revenue.

However, if you want to make money with this method, you must have a lot of traffic every day. Simply put, if you only have few visitors per day, you should avoid Google AdSense.

Selling Your Own Items:

You can sell your own products, such as clothes, crafts, books, recipes, paintings, organic skincare products, and so on, on your lifestyle blog.

Tone it Up is an example of a lifestyle blog that makes money by selling its own goods. This healthy lifestyle blog has its own protein powder and cookies that it sells.

Sponsored Posts:

As a lifestyle blogger, you can collaborate with brands to promote and sell their goods in your posts. The brands will pay you with money and/or free goods in exchange.

Want to learn more about how to make money blogging? Click Here

Pin it down and get it done.

How To Start A Lifestyle Blog

Can you Really Make Money from a lifestyle blog?

This may not be the answer you want: The majority of bloggers make no money. Their monthly blogger salary is just zero.

Huh!…. Why?

Those bloggers got zero return, mainly just because don’t make an effort to learn new skills, and they don’t prepare, test, or provide value to their audience.

They even don’t stick with it long enough to keep going, even when traffic is poor.

So, don’t believe anyone who tells you that blogging is a fast way to get rich.

Most bloggers make nothing, but I’m not one of them, and I don’t want you to be either.

I’ve just made my $50k year and have been able to enjoy a life that I could only have imagined five years ago when I was in the hell of my crazy full-time job.

Moreover, because of the LOW startup cost and limitless potential, I still believe it is one of the BEST businesses a stay-at-home mom, student, or anyone can launch.

So, are you ready to start your blogging journey?

Starting a lifestyle blog doesn’t have to be a daunting task, particularly if you follow the right, procedure, step-by-step.

Use this article as a guide to get started developing and growing a thriving and profitable lifestyle blog right now if you’re ready to share your insights and experiences with the world.

If you’re thinking of starting a blog, like many others (including myself), I suggest you start it with Bluehost ( Read the full step by step guide about how to make a website on Bluehost)

In just a few minutes, you can register a domain name, install WordPress, and begin designing your blog.

If you change your mind, they even give a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Whatever it is that you decide to do. My recommendation is simple and straightforward.

Start right now! ?

How To Start A Lifestyle Blog

Have you started using Bluehost yet?

If not, you can start by familiarizing yourself with my tutorial below. Then, when you’re ready, go to Bluehost to get started – it’s that easy!

Are you going to start your lifestyle blog? Do You have experience writing blog posts? I would love to hear your feedback in the comment box below 🙂


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