How To Get Traffic For A New Blog? 13 Must-Read Tips For Beginners

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Do you want to learn more about How To Get Traffic For A New Blog? Are you looking for the best way to increase your blog traffic fast?

How To Get Traffic For A New Blog

I know you have been working hard to get traffic for a new blog. But here, the question is how you are going to increase blog traffic fast.

It is very disappointing when you don’t know where you did something wrong that isn’t letting you get traffic. Let’s get an answer to the questions:

  • How do I increase my blog views?
  • How to increase blog traffic fast?

So, if you want reliable traffic but don’t know where to start, this post will help you. We are rolling out the essential details here.

13 Tips – How To Get Traffic For A New Blog

If you already know what is blogging, you are aware that blog traffic is essential to make money blogging.

There are specific tools like Google Analytics or others to keep track of traffic. But you can’t get success until you know the right tactics.

Here are 13 tips to get traffic for a new blog.

tips #1: Low competition keywords are crucial

The very first step before writing content is to find the low competition keywords that relate to the content.

For example, if you are going to write about affiliate marketing, one of the important steps is to search the profitable keywords that connect with this niche.

While finding the profitable keywords, you have to consider the following main things:

  • Find the keywords that are high traffic drivers.
  • The chosen words should be low competition keywords.

The keywords search should revolve around the above two points.

If you go with high competition keywords, then it will be hard to get rank. On the other hand, the low competitive keyword has the potential to increase blog traffic fast.

If we look at the record, then the right keyword rises organic traffic up to 45%.

Pro tips:

You can find free and paid tools for keyword searches.

For instance, for the free keyword search, you can use Google keyword planner. Here you will select words that have monthly searches from 1k-10k.

The terms with this number of searches are moderate ones. After this, you can use SEMrush to run a difficulty and competitor analysis of chosen keyword.

How To Get Traffic For A New Blog

Tips #2: Content is everything

Content is the king, and the success or failure of the blog depends on it.

How To Get Traffic For A New Blog

So, it’s vital to search and plan appropriately before writing the content. If your content is knowledgeable, then it will attract and engage more readers.

Pro tips:

Here are the following ways that will help you to make the content attractive and write the perfect blog post.

  • Use the visuals
  • Don’t forget to add compelling sub-headings
  • Divide the content into small paragraphs for better readability
  • Use the authentic information in the blog.
  • You can support your data by using different stats.
  • Use the bullet points to grab the reader’s attention.
  • Make sure that content is original and error-free

Apart from this, the content length should be up to 1000 words for better results.

Likewise, try to place keywords in the right place to make the content SEO optimized.

In addition, make sure your content is readable and correct in Grammar. You can use Grammarly to eliminate writing and grammatical errors.

Tips #3: Don’t ignore the importance of headings

If you think you can get traffic for a new blog without giving attention to the sub-headings, then you are wrong.

According to stats, more people prefer to read sub-headings before the actual content. The following numbers are mentioning the situation well:

  • 80% of the people only read sub-headings
  • 20% of the people read content along with the main headings

So, we should give attention to 80% of our audience and include descriptive yet unique titles.

Pro tips:

It is crucial to learn to design good headings to engage the readers. Here are some tips that will help you to create good titles for your post.

  • Use simple but powerful words in the headings.
  • Don’t forget to distribute headers into H1, H2, H3.
  • Distribute the keyword properly in sub-headings
  • Design the headings based on popular questions because people search those terms to get answers.

Apart from this, if you want your reader to take a specific action, then include a “Call to action” tone in headers. You can use tools like OptinMonster and MonsterInsight for headline analysis.

Tips #4: Don’t forget to add visuals

The human brain always searches for colors.

It is a natural thing that our brain attracts towards beautiful objects. So, there is nothing more attractive than using visuals in the blog post. 

According to stats, more than 45% of people prefer to read a post with visuals.

Pro tips:

If we are talking about ways to get traffic for a new blog through visuals, we can include it in the following ways.

  • Infographics
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Emojis
  • Comics
  • Memes

You can get royalty-free images for commercial use on some free websites.

And you can also use tools like Canva to design compelling visuals for your blog posts. Canva has plenty of resources for creating infographics.

How To Get Traffic For A New Blog

Tips #5: Blog loading speed is everything

If you want to increase blog traffic fast, you should know that blog loading speed is everything.

Google prefers those blogs for ranking that has a good loading time.

According to stats, now 47% of the readers expect to load the page within 2seconds.

Moreover, now around 70% of people use smartphone screens to take action. So, it’s vital to make sure your website loads fast under the mobile view and target that 70% of the audience to increase blog traffic fast.

The competition is high, and we have to take measures to improve the page and blog loading speed.

Pro tips:

Google Page Speed Insights and GTmetrix are the tools that help you check the speed of your website.

If you find your speed is underperforming, no worries, there are many free and paid tools that help increase the blog’s speed.

WordPress comes with many free plugins that are best to improve the speed.

For instance, you can use plugins like Jetpack, Smush, BJ Lazy load, etc., to improve the loading time.

Tips #6: Social media is your companion

In this digital age, social media has taken place in all modes of marketing.

How To Get Traffic For A New Blog

To be successful in Social Media Marketing, you have to keep your blog continuously active on social media to get more traffic for a new blog.

Social Media like Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin are the main platforms to grab a more significant number of audiences.

Pro tips:

I know it’s hard to keep social media alive 24 hours a day. But it’s crucial to keep the audience engage with the content.

Thus, there are tools like Buffer, CoSchedule, etc., that help schedule posts for one day, week, or even month. In this way, you don’t have to worry about social media updates.

Tips #7: Don’t forget to target Pinterest

If you are a blogger and don’t have a presence on Pinterest, you need to revise your strategy.

How do I increase my blog views? If you want to find the solution to this question, you must include Pinterest in your companion’s list.

It won’t be wrong saying that Pinterest is a paradise for bloggers. It is famous due to these reasons:

  • People prefer to see visual content here.
  • You are all set to go just after uploading a pin.
  • Pinterest attracts thousands of bloggers every day.

Pro tips:

15-20 Pinterest posts per day is a good number to boost your Pinterest account.

So, you can use tools like Tailwind to automate the posts. It’s effortless to schedule posts by using automated features. As a result, you don’t have to waste time by doing manual posts.

How To Get Traffic For A New Blog

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Tips #8: Guest postings: How do I increase my blog views?

Guest posting is another vital pillar to get traffic for a new blog.

It is one of the famous techniques to build the authority of your blog. In this way, you can tell other fellow bloggers and search engines that you exist.

But for guest posts, you have to write unique content that relates to your blogging niche.

Pro tips:

If you want to write guest posts, then there are specific rules that you have to consider.

For example, if you use already taken content, it will not put a good impression on the search engine. Here are directions to write guest posts:

  • Always come up with unique ideas that relate to your niche.
  • Find an authoritative blog with a niche that matches yours.
  • You can email the blog to ask for permission to post content.
  • If you aren’t getting permission from the blog, you need to remain consistent and ask again.

Above all, don’t forget to find a blog that has a good TA & DA score. These scores prove the authority of the blog.

Tips #9: How To Get Traffic For A New Blog: Manage your email list

It’s hard to get traffic for a new blog in a couple of months. It’s a whole process that needs consistency and persistence.

How To Get Traffic For A New Blog

So, there is nothing better than managing an email list to keep track of your visitors.

In this way, you can target them if you introduce or post anything new.

An email list is like a way that takes us to the customers’ inbox.

Pro tips:

The main aim of managing an email list is to get the old traffic back at your blog posts.

Moreover, it is an affordable and useful tool. But if you ignore this, then the blog will lose potential readers.

However, you can use Constant Contact, Sendinblue, or ConvertKit to send newsletters to subscribers.

Tips #10: Don’t forget to use online communities

It is also vital to keep the blog alive in online communities. It is a great way to increase blog traffic fast.

There are chances that in online communities’ people are searching for answers that your blog is answering.

So, you can refer those people to your blog by answering their concerns.

It’s good to use communities like Reddit, LinkedIn, and Facebook groups.

Pro tips:

Find topics that are related to your niche under those online communities, leave useful comments with a link back to your blog.

Tips #11: Don’t ignore to offer help using Quora

Quora is a platform where you find questions and answers related to any concern.

In simple words, it is an online forum that has a monthly 1.5 million visitors.

Here you can add your blog in sources if anyone asks a question that relates to your niche.

Pro tips:

Quora is a huge question-and-answer platform. So, it would help if you try to be active as much as you can.

If anyone asks a question, then answer that instantly and join the relevant conversation to show your knowledge.

It is a great way to attract readers. But avoid spamming to avoid unpleasant results.

Tips #12: Team up with fellow bloggers

If you collaborate with fellow bloggers, it’s a great way to target many audiences in one go.

How To Get Traffic For A New Blog

You can collaborate with bloggers in various ways.

Like you can conduct their interviews, show their work on your feed, or tag them.

Social media plays a vital role in such collaborations.

Pro tips:

There are bloggers’ communities that work to support each other.

So, if you are interested in collaboration, then here are some tips:

  • Always behave well and build a good relationship with the blogger.
  • Comments on the posts of other bloggers show the engagement.

In this way, you build your blog’s authority, and Google thinks you aren’t a spammer. As a result of good relationships, it will be easier to earn guest posts.

Tips #13: Learn using online mediums

Last but not least, we know that knowledge has no boundaries.

Apart from the tips mentioned above, you can keep learning online about How To Get Traffic For A New Blog.

For example, you can type the following terms to get specific and to-the-point answers.

  • How to get traffic for a new blog?
  • How do I increase my blog views?
  • And How to increase blog traffic fast?

By searching online, you will get plenty of other suggestions to keep the blog alive.

Moreover, you can join some online courses such as Wealthy Affiliate to learn more skills about how to start a blog and how to grow it.

To Conclude: How To Get Traffic For A New Blog

All in all, that’s all for today.

And of course, I did not include ALL of the marketing techniques about how to get traffic to a new blog.

But i am pretty sure that the tips mentioned above are good starting points for new bloggers.

I’d love to know are you using any of these methods to promote and gain traffic for your new blog? And if you find this post helpful, it will be great if you’d SHARE it with your friends!

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How To Get Traffic For A New Blog

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