How To Earn Money Online Without Investment(Free and Low Cost)

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Are you searching for How To Earn Money Online Without Investment? Are you wondering what is the best online businesses to start with? If yes, then you are on the right platform to find free legitimate online business. If you are interested in earning money online, then there is no right time than this.

How To Earn Money Online Without Investment

We are living in the golden age of wealth, where our minds can make money.

So, in this situation, we should take advantage of society and experience the pace we never did before.

All thanks to smartphones, the internet, and tabs that made online growth possible. In recent times everything is converting online other than the brick and mortar stores. But in this digital age, there is no shortage of competition. Still, there are plenty of opportunities to get the advantage of this blue ocean.

Let’s learn about How To Earn Money Online Without Investment NOW!

How To Earn Money Online Without Investment (Free and Low Cost)

Why Should I Earn Money Online?

There are many reasons due to which you should take this step sooner than later. But here, we are mainly focusing on the two main reasons that are the basis of these. So, you can start an online business that works due to;

  • Robots & Automation: The world is changing rapidly, and in the coming years, millions of physical jobs will disappear. From truck drivers to warehouse workers and customer representatives, everything is going to be online soon.
  • Time & location freedom: The most crucial point showing that free legitimate online business is everything. Money is everything, but always remember that money is just the key to purchase time and freedom. The primary purpose is to break the chains and free yourself from the rat race.

Note: Here, we have one vital thing: you don’t need any experience to start something virtually. There are many apps and tools are available that helps to start the business.

How To Earn Money Online Without Investment – Main Points To Consider Before Taking A Start:

So, if you are making your mind to learn How To Earn Money Online Without Investment, then always choose the option that has these three points;

  • It is vital to choose a free legitimate online business that allows living or traveling anywhere. In short, your freedom should be a priority.
  • Online businesses should allow flexible work schedules that will enable you to spend time with your family and loved ones.
  • Above all, choose an online niche that provides high income-earning opportunities. In this way, you can support yourself and others who are relying on you.

There are many examples of people who have earned millions of dollars by doing online business. In short, being your own business is the best feeling in the world where you get profit according to your efforts.

Does Online Business REALLY Work?

According to the national retail foundation, online businesses are growing at a rate of 4%. On the other hand, the traditional brick & mortar businesses are growing at a rate of 3%.

There is a huge difference that we can see in the smartphone digital business market. Apart from this, the following figures are providing proof that this industry is more profitable than any other option;

  • According to e-marketer, there was a 24.8% growth in 2017, but it has reached up to 58.9% in recent years. However, now this industry has reached up to 2.304 trillion sales globally. Isn’t this data promising enough to grab our attention?
  • If we look around, more than 50% of people have an online source of income. Apart from this, we can see the confidence that people are showing in e-com markets.

Above all, doing your online business that works allows you to set your hours.

Apart from this, when you know How To Earn Money Online Without Investment, you can be your boss. So, it is better to get the advantage of the internet world and find online earning.

15 Legit Ways – How To Earn Money Online Without Investment (Free and Low-Cost)

The internet is a great equalizer and providing an equal-plying field to all entrepreneurs and users. You can start earning money right away. The only thing you need is courage, an internet connection, and a smart device. So, let’s consider and discuss the ideas of online businesses that work !!

# Start Your Own Blog

How To Earn Money Online Without Investment - Blogging

Blogging is one of the most common ways to earn money while sitting in your home.

It won’t be wrong if we say that it is the most profitable and successful way of earning. You can start blogging if you have a particular interest in any topic or field. In blogging, you choose a specific niche and make an online platform.

In blogging, your only job is to produce high-quality content and engage the readers with your blog. However, most of the bloggers choose the field in which they have interest and knowledge. To be honest, it’s not the right approach, and you should select the field not only you have interest and knowledge, but also profitable for blogging. The following data chart is explaining this mantra in a graphical form;

How To Earn Money Online Without Investment
How To Earn Money Online Without Investment – Blogging

Blogging isn’t only limited to writing. Instead, you can post photos, videos, or links to other sites. In short, there are many ways through which you can earn a handsome amount by having a blog. I know the primary purpose is to make money. And the good news is, if you a total newbie in blogging, you can start a blog free of cost.

There are many ways through which you can start earning by having a blog:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Advertisement (By displaying Google AdSense ads at your ads)
  • By selling your products at your site
  • Paid guest posts and many other ways like this

Procedure To Start A Blog:

There are the steps that you will follow to start a blog. It won’t be wrong if you consider that it is the first step of earning in the online world.

  1. Firstly, you will think about the niche of your blog.
  2. In the second step, build your website. It doesn’t matter if you have an IT background or not. You can choose platforms like Wealthy affiliate to make the website, one of the biggest blogging platforms in the world. Above all, it’s free to join their starter membership account, and they offer drag and drop options with 3000+ built-in themes for users.
  3. After building the website, the next step is to a domain name hosting. Again, Wealthy Affiliate can help you in this regard. Yes, you can buy the domain name and host. Above all, you have the option to check the domain here, whether it is available or not.
  4. However, after setting up the website now, you will install plugins and Google Analytics for tracking. Apart from this, setting up an email list is also vital for a blog. But you don’t need to worry because the wealthy affiliate is the GO-TO platform for all these things.

To learn more, please read the related post: How To Create A Blog For Free And Make Money

You can work on your schedule.It may take a longer time to be able to earn money.
One of the most successful and profitable ways of earningPosting and creating content could be a time taking process.

You can choose the Free Starter Membership account offered by WEALTHY AFFILIATE to make a start. They offer a premium package at $49/month, and of course, you can upgrade later according to requirements.

In short, the combination of a perfect blogging niche and hard work can give you lots of earning opportunities.

There are thousands of successful blogger that earns a nice amount online every month, and it’s surely the first pick of How To Earn Money Online Without Investment.

How To Earn Money Online Without Investment

# Virtual Assistant

How To Earn Money Online Without Investment - VA

If you are super organized and love to schedule things, then you are a Virtual Assistant(VA) perfect to start this online business.

A VA helps companies, individuals, executives to manage their personal as well as professional life.

However, this is a broad field where you have so many areas to target according to your interest. For instance, you can schedule appointments, marketing management, or something in between.

Procedure To Start The Virtual Assistant Business:

  1. In the first step, you will decide the task that you want to do. It will help you if you choose something according to your interest.
  2. In the second step, you will choose an online platform to start offering your services. If you are a beginner, then Fiverr is the best platform for you. Here you can select a pricing package according to your expertise and skills.
  3. If you are a pro and have your audience and want to create a blog, then you can use your website to offer your virtual assistant service. If you do this, then you can promote your own business or product with your clients.
The starting cost is ZERO.Working from home may be distracting
You can grow the business by training other VA’s under your guidance.Sometimes you may face communication problems
You can start your platform where you can offer VA services.

The best thing is to use Fiverr as a medium to offer the services.

It is among the best way How To Earn Money Online Without Investment. So, you can take advantage of free legitimate online business opportunities to earn money. And if you do this, then you will not have to bear the additional management cost. Apart from this, Fiverr provides the safety of payments and transactions. So, don’t take the risk and join any of the above online platforms now.

How To Earn Money Online Without Investment

Your Action >>> Create Your Fiverr Account TODAY

# Freelance Content Writer

How To Earn Money Online Without Investment

It is a perfect job for those who have a passion for reading and writing.

We didn’t even think that writing ability can provide us chances to earn online in past times. By offering content writing, you can help people in writing globally. Freelancing doesn’t mean that you can only take months of long projects. Instead, you can choose the projects in bits according to your time and schedule.

Procedure To Take A Start:

  1. If you are interested in offering content writing services, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to choose a niche. At first, you will have to choose a place in which you have expertise. For instance, you can select IT, business, or anything as per your interest.
  2. Now choose an online platform where you can offer online content writing services. Fiverr, Upwork, and Flex Jobs are among the best and top freelancing platforms in the common opinion. You will make an account here and fill in the required fields to start offering the services.
  3. After doing all this, you will start to offer content or e-book writing services. A platform like Fiverr provides opportunities for safe money transactions.
If you choose freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, and flex job, the starting cost is ZERO.In starting, you will have to build your portfolio.
You can extend the business by hiring staff.You need expertise in writing to start this business.
Further, you can write your e-books for sale.High competition level

In my opinion, the online freelancing platform Fiverr is best for freelancing. In this way, the initial cost and risk factor would be zero.

So, make wise decisions and sign up for any freelancing platform right now.

How To Earn Money Online Without Investment

# Dropshipping

How To Earn Money Online Without Investment

The basic idea of dropshipping is to provide easiness to small business owners.

In this, you don’t need to maintain extensive business inventories or handle the delivery of products. Moreover, the most significant advantage of this online business type is that it cuts down the cost.

Apart from this, it helps to keep the hassles, financial risks, and tension away from you

In simple words, dropshipping is the term of doing online business without spending money on manufacturing or storing products. But the only cost that you need to bear is the cost of marketing and advertisement. Your online business can’t progress if you don’t find the customers and make the sales. So, your only price is about the expenses that you do for marketing and advertisement.

Procedure to run the drop shipping business:

  1. Firstly, selecting the store from where you will collect products for selling. is one of the best sourcing platforms.
  2. Next, you will have to make an e-com store at an online platform like Wix (Free to start). But according to good stats, Shopify is one of the best options to choose for dropshipping. Here you can list the selected products and start promoting the store. If you are making an e-store at Shopify, you don’t need any coding skills to build the website. Apart from this, you can buy the hosting through Shopify to make things easy. However, Shopify doesn’t offer any free membership account, and their starter account (Shopify Lite Plan) starts from USD 9/month.
  3. After setting up the store at Shopify, you will start marketing and selling products. Once the customer orders anything from your E-commerce store, you can buy that product from a third party. The main point is to purchase products from drop shippers cheaply and send them to the ultimate buyer.
  4. After making payment to the drop shipper, he will ship the product to the customer and you earn money between the buy and sell process.
How To Earn Money Online Without Investment
How To Earn Money Online Without Investment – Dropshipping
The startup cost is very minimal.Your credibility and rating are directly associated with the drop shippers’ mistakes.
You don’t need to maintain the inventory.The market is quite competitive.
You can target the established marketplace with the help of Shopify.You will have to sell a lot to generate substantial income.

You can earn millions at Shopify if you find a reputable and trustworthy vendor.

Shopify offers excellent marketing, visibility, and SEO opportunities that help the business to grow faster. In short, the combination of dropshipping and Shopify can help to win the race of online companies that work.

How To Earn Money Online Without Investment

# Affiliate Marketing

How To Earn Money Online Without Investment

Affiliate marketing is the most common way to earn money online with zero risks.

Affiliate marketing and drop shipping are similar to each other. But in affiliate marketing, you don’t need to worry about shipping the products to the final customers. Instead, you can enjoy the profit in the shape of the commission.

In this free legitimate online business opportunity, you pick a profitable niche and find an affiliate partner who has products in that category.

After this, you then choose an online platform, like Blogging, Facebook, YouTube, etc to promote your affiliate product. Once someone buys that product by clicking the link from your affiliate link, you get a certain commission as a result.

Here’s an explanation of how affiliate marketing works:

How To Earn Money Online Without Investment
How To Earn Money Online Without Investment – Affiliate Marketing

Procedures To Start Affiliate Marketing:

  1. In the first step, choose the niche you interest in and write interesting yet informative content for the sales platform used. It can be your own blog, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.
  2. Next, you will add the affiliate links in your sales platform for readers if they want to buy the product.
  3. If you wonder about the most profitable affiliate marketer that gives a reasonable commission, we have some options., are the top options for affiliate marketing. These options offer a wide range of physical and e-products that can earn a fair amount of commission.
  4. After writing about the affiliate products, you will need to attract more customers to your sales channels. Usually, you get 5% to 25% as a commission on the sale of one product.
Zero risk factorIf the website doesn’t rank, then you have to spend money on marketing.
No investment requiredYou are the only person who is responsible for bringing traffic to your site.
Hands-off business model 

In short, affiliate marketing is an online business model where influencers and bloggers introduce and promote products and services they recommended and earn a commission for each sale that follows.

If you would like to learn and start about Affiliate Marketing, you can get started today through some E-courses like 12 Minute Affiliate System, Perpetual Income 365.

# Offer Online Courses & Coaching Services

How To Earn Money Online Without Investment - online coach

It is another hot selling field of How To Earn Money Online Without Investment – Selling your knowledge.

Yes, you only need to design your course in video format and upload it on any medium for sale.

It is a low investment idea and great to earn side income. However, you only explain the subject in a video and put it on any host platform. Apart from this, you can start your own website/platform to offer the courses.

Procedure to start online coaching services:

  • In the first step, you need to brainstorm the niche in which you want to provide lectures. However, the best thing is to choose the field in which you have extensive knowledge and skills.
  • After deciding the field, determine whether you will put it up on your website or any other medium. If you want to choose a third-party medium, then TEACHABLE & THINKIFIC are excellent choices.
  • Now, at the last step, make the high-quality videos of your classes and upload them at Teachable or Thinkific. But always keep remembering to make the videos well explained and in high quality.
Zero investment requiredSometimes it may be tough to sell a new course.
You can choose any field according to your expertise.High competition level because Teachable and Thinkific has thousands of already registered courses
It is easy for people who are already in the teaching field. 

Knowledge sharing is one of the most satisfying things that you can do to help others. Furthermore, building a community is a great idea to help promote your online coaching business. The best is to set up a Facebook page, or even a YouTube Channel to reach out to an audience who looking for online classes.

If you choose to run your online coaching website, then it could be costly. So, your best option is to go with an online platform like TEACHABLE & THINKIFIC and offer online courses at pre-established platforms.

How To Earn Money Online Without Investment

# Start Selling Photos Online

How To Earn Money Online Without Investment

Some people have a passion for clicking photos. Yes, you can turn this into an excellent earning opportunity.

You can start selling your pictures on online platforms for some money. At first, you can begin selling photographs for free. But after establishing a fan following, you can sell the pictures on the same platform.

Procedure to Start Selling Photos:

  1. There isn’t any hard and fast rule to start selling the pictures. At first, you will decide the category in which you are going to take photos. For instance, you can choose wild or general photography and then polish this skill.
  2. After the first step, you will select the most visited platform to sell the photos. So, SHUTTERSTOCK is that option where you can upload your pictures for selling. If you want to build followers first, then you have an opportunity to offer photos for free.
  3. Above all, you can also sell the photos by designing your website or e-platform. But for this option, you need to build your portfolio to win public confidence.
Low investment business opportunityYou need the following to start earning.
You can even sell one photo for thousands of dollars.Need to build a portfolio
Great chance to turn the passion into earning opportunity 

In my opinion, starting your website to sell photos isn’t a wise step. If you choose to do this, you will have to bear the extra cost of marketing.

However, the best option is to sign up at Shutterstock and start selling your photos. In this way, you can earn money without spending much.

How To Earn Money Online Without Investment

# Sell Handicrafts Online

How To Earn Money Online Without Investment

Many people have expertise in making handmade items. If you are one of those, you can avail yourself of free legitimate online business opportunities.

People with this skill start selling handmade products on online platforms. Whether you make jewelry, picture frames, or furniture, then you can start selling your creation online.

Procedure to start selling handicrafts online:

  1. At first, you have to decide the handmade products that you are going to offer online. However, you can start by taking the tiny steps, but it’s up to you to decide how you want to grow this.
  2. Secondly, you will decide on the platform where you want to sell the items. But, again, you the option to start your venue for this. There are many mediums like Shopify or Etsy, where you can establish your online store for handicrafts. It is the most comfortable and cheapest way to sell the products because you don’t have to spend money on marketing.
  3. After choosing Shopify or Etsy, you will start uploading the products for the general public. Above all, these mediums give excellent control to manage the orders quickly.
Little investment requiredIt requires expert-level skills to make handmade items.
You are your boss to set the schedule.You have to work hard to establish a base of the brand.
Great chance to turn passion into earning opportunity 

However, the best option is to use Shopify or Etsy as your GO-TO platforms. Here you can establish stores without knowing the coding skills. Above all, these platforms work on drag and drop features and offer great pricing plans. So, if you want to start selling handmade items, then log in to Shopify or Etsy right now.

How To Earn Money Online Without Investment

# Publish and Sell An E-book Online

How To Earn Money Online Without Investment - E book

It is similar to content writing. If you are a pro at writing content, then you can indeed write an e-book.

I know you have already thought about writing a book. But the cost associated with publishing is the thing that was holding you back. Luckily, online platforms are giving this opportunity to publish an e-book without any cost.

Procedure to start selling an e-book:

  1. The procedure is as simple as any other thing. However, at the very first step, you will decide your niche. But it would help if you choose the place in which you have expertise.
  2. After deciding the niche, the next step is to choose the platform to sell the book. So, Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing is that platform that already has millions of readers. The following chart is showing some profitable options to start selling the E-book;
How To Earn Money Online Without Investment - E book
How To Earn Money Online Without Investment – Sell E-Books
  • If the book is doing well at the AMAZON KINDLE, you can start your blog to sell more copies. But for this, you will have to promote your blog to boost the sale.
The initial cost is very minimal.You need the expertise to write the book.
Can outsource any expert writer.You have to struggle if you directly publish on your blog.
By choosing Amazon Kindle, you can enhance the creditability of the book. 

The above chart shows that Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing is the best option to sell an e-book. If you are interested in writing one, you should put it for sale at Amazon. So, don’t wait and sign up for the largest e-platform.

How To Earn Money Online Without Investment

# Social Media Manager

How To Earn Money Online Without Investment - Facebook

We are living in a digital work where everything has converted online.

People spend a large part of their day online on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. So, it also brings a fantastic earning opportunity for you. Yes, you can earn money by consulting and managing different organizations and clients’ social media platforms. The person who handles these platforms are known as social media managers.

If you know how the advertisement works and have experience with social media marketing, you can earn money online by consulting your client on social media.

How to start social media management:

  1. There isn’t a hard and fast rule to start the business of social media management. However, it is up to you to decide the workload that you can easily manage.
  2. Secondly, search for the most important thing. Yes, the tools that are going to help you to manage all platforms from one platform. So, Buffer, Hootsuite, and Sendible are among the top platforms that people use for automation.
  3. Above all, there are free and paid versions that are also available for these tools. You can try the device for a free trial period before buying. Apart from this, you can try Fiverr to offer online services.
You can spend time on your platforms.Mistakes can go viral.
You will get instant and real-time feedback about how you are doing.It is time to take a job if you don’t use automation tools.
You can hire staff to expand the business. 

Social media management is quite a profitable online business that works. It will help if you don’t miss out on the automation tools before starting this business. The tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, and Sendible can save time you can give to the next task.

Apart from this, don’t forget Fiverr because these platforms are best to find customers. So, you should signup for these tools before starting social media management.

How To Earn Money Online Without Investment

# Instagram Influencer

How To Earn Money Online Without Investment - instragram

An Instagram Influencer is a bit similar business with social media management.

But the only difference here you promote yourself instead of other people or companies. In addition, in this business, your earning way is through the sponsorship and marketing of products. The earning chances depend on the number of followers.

But it takes so long to grow the audience here. The good thing is that you don’t need millions of followers to start earning. Apart from this, you can even use your child, pet, or anyone to feature as an influencer.

If you want to become the right Instagram influencer, then you should post regularly. To make it easy, Buffer, Hootsuite are tools that can help you to schedule posts.

# YouTube Channel

How To Earn Money Online Without Investment

Nowadays, YouTube is becoming a great source of earning.

If you are a good narrator or can talk well, you will be perfect for taking a start at this video-sharing app.

In this type of online business that works, you can earn from;

  • Monetization
  • Sponsorships
  • Affiliate links
  • And marketing

In short, YouTube has immense earning opportunities; you only need to attract an audience with high-quality content. Apart from this, your video editing skills are the ones that matter most. So, if you want to learn video editing skills, then Join TEACHABLE because it has hundreds of online courses for this. Apart from this, you can take help from online editing software such as Vimeo that is available for a free starter account.

How To Earn Money Online Without Investment

# Facebook Marketing

How To Earn Money Online Without Investment

In this business, you only need to run Facebook ad campaigns for marketing.

Most companies use this feature to promote their business to about 2 billion audiences.

However, it needs some practice and knowledge to perform this task. But you can take help from TEACHABLE to learn about Facebook marketing and how you can do this.

On the other hand, Facebook offers built-in tools for automation. It helps to save the time and energy of users.

But you need a platform to sell this hot selling skill. Fiverr is one of the great platforms where you can earn a thousand dollars from Facebook marketing.

So, don’t wait and join Fiverr to get an opportunity for an online business that works.

# Podcast

How To Earn Money Online Without Investment - podcast

The Podcast is an online business that works. If you like your voice, pitch, and tone, then you can avail yourself of these free legitimate online business opportunities.

The Podcast is a great idea that is similar to a blog. But here, you convey the message in voice notes instead of writing. However, to promote the Podcast, you can invite guests to your show. Apart from this, you should encourage the viewers to review or share the Podcast. According to Podcast’s insight, 51% of Americans listen to this daily. So, people who want to take this ahead should own a;

  • High-quality microphone
  • Audio recording software
  • And call recording software.

However, at Podcast, you can earn from promotions, marketing, or sponsorships.

So, with these conditions, Buzz sprout is the best platform. It has helped more than 100,000 to this date. You can easily upload a “Podcast” by making a custom website or embed the players. So, don’t wait and sign up now to start a new career.

How To Earn Money Online Without Investment

#Build Apps and Websites

How To Earn Money Online Without Investment - Build Apps

It is the best business for people who have a software engineering or IT background.

But if you don’t have this background, you will have to learn some coding skills to start.

It is one of the host selling business categories. You can offer mobile apps, websites, or create digital products as a service provider. For instance, you can even make Shopify themes, templates, or DIY web designing for people.

Tips to Thanks to technology today, all you need for your online business is an internet connection. It has truly never been convenient and simpler to earn money online. And No matter your interest, skill level, or pocket size, it is possible for you to start an online business today.

Besides, with the high-speed internet nowadays, your online business can be done from anywhere in the world and even while you’re holding a full-time job.

However, the Internet cannot give you magic money but it can help you build long-term wealth and passive income if you.

Tips about How To Earn Money Online Without Investment

  • Have a passion for learning a new skill (like online marketing, SEO, web design and development, social management skills, video editing)
  • Be Patient – earning money online is much easier than before, but it doesn’t mean that you have a quick way to become rich overnight.
  • Hard Work – Like all other kinds of business, earning money online also needs to work hard, and you can’t expect life to be fair. 

All in all, the online business ideas discussed above are free to start or just cost very minimal. I hope the suggested ideas can help you start to earn a decent income online today.

How To Earn Money Online Without Investment – Start Today!

It’s now your turn and nothing gonna help you until you take the first step. Don’t be afraid of failure and it’s just as part of your long-term success in your online business journey.

Take the action NOW and you will see the light ahead.

Let me know which is your pick of the best business ideas? Do you have any experience in making online money you would like to share with us? Just share in the comment section below.

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  1. I started a blogging site with no money down and I did it through the platform that you suggested..Wealthy Affiliate.  I couldn’t be more pleased.  Their training is great for a newbie like me and they taught me everything I need to know about running a website and affiliate marketing.  They have an extensive community, many of whom have years of experience, willing to step in with help and advice whenever I need it.  I recommend them 100%

  2. Hi there,

    Awesome article. Thank you for sharing it!

    I am always looking for a way to make some passive income online. The list you have provided  are excellent ideas. I really like the dropshiping suggestion. A question, please about this. You said there are a lot of completion in dropshiping. But there are also a lot of completion in affiliate marketing. Will it be harder to compete with other dropshiping sites today?

    Thank you so much for this post!

    • Hi Daniella, no worries, although there has a lot of completion in the dropshipping business, the market for dropshipping is still very large and like a blue ocean market as more and more people used to shop online. What you need to do is to find a winning product to sell with an excellent marketing strategy. 

  3. I used to only see online surveys as a possible online money-making method but thanks to Wealthy Affiliate I found that blogging along with affiliate marketing are some of the easiest ways to start earning money without really investing anything on it. Developing an app has always intrigued me, but again, I don’t have the skills to properly do so. Although, it wouldn’t hurt trying. This is all such a great piece of advice I’m bookmarking it to came back to it when I find the motivation to start something from scratch so thank you for that. 

  4. Wow! First off Rose! This was highly informative! Just came across your blog for the first time and I have saved it to my feedly. I recently just got interested in blogging but the honest truth is I am quite scared to get into it, especially after considering the fact that it takes a bit of time and consistency before one could start earning money. What if my audience become bored of what I am selling after a while?

    • Hi Rorodote, if the audience becomes bored with what you are selling, then u may need to keep refreshing your content, or put more work to understand more of your customer to know what they are looking for by encouraging them to leave comments in your blog or social media platform, hope it helps.

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