How to Create a Blog for Free and Make Money Blogging For Beginners

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How to Create a Blog for Free and Make Money

Are you in search of the answer to How to Create a Blog for Free And Make Money For Beginners? Are you finding a way to Make Money by Blogging? If yes, you need to read a guide about What Is The Best Way To Start A Blog For Free”.

Hi there, my name is Rose. It is no secret that I am not tech-savvy back in 2016 before starting my first blog. But after years of learning and join into the blogging community, it has literally changed my life. I have gone from not having ideas about what is a blog and don’t know how to earn money online, to having 3 successful blogs and a business that earns me good money every month!

I know that many people have different stories to share. Some stories are small, large, funny, or meaningful. But you should have a good platform where you can tell stories or pieces of information with others.

However, in this regard, learn about how to start a blog is the best option. Apart from storytelling, the next vital aim to start a blog is to earn money through the platform.

Want to Learn How to Create a Blog for Free And Make Money For Beginners?

If your answer is YES, then you need the right guidance and procedure to start with.

There are millions of blogs globally. So, it is tough to stand out among the best. Though the blog is easy to create, it could be worthless if you don’t follow the right steps of how to create a blog for free.

As a result, you will get a limited amount of attention that can’t earn money for you. Below, I will help you learn How to start a blog for free and make money blogging using the same tactics I used to grow from zero.

How to Create a Blog for Free

Is It Still Profitable To Start a Blog?

How to Create a Blog for Free and Make Money

Before learning about how to create a blog for free, we first look into the question: Is it still profitable to start a blog?

Nowadays, most people still feel that write a blog was just another hobby that did in our free time in addition to our full-time jobs.

But the fact is that blogging still functions in that way, but it’s more than that.

In 2021, make money blogging for beginners has become a profitable online profession. More and more people have become a full-time blogger and start their own blog to earn money online.

“It’s like a mechanism that gives us the chance to communicate through the long tail of the internet.”

In simple words, a blog is a regularly updated website where you frequently publish the content.

However, the tone of the content could be according to your choice. For instance, you can whether you are going to adopt an informal or conversational style.

You can select any tone that attracts the readers and generate an online income.

I know it’s an exciting experience for first-time users to make money blogging. But it has specific implications that made this process challenging.

In short, it is not a plate of flowers to start a blog and making money. However, once you overcome the ups and downs, then you can begin to enjoy the status of Blogging.

So, we understand your difficulties; that’s why this writing presents instructions for people who want to learn more about how to create a blog for free.

How to Create a Blog for Free

Why Should I Start A Blog?

How to Create a Blog for Free and Make Money

We read earlier that Blogging is a great way to express yourself. But if we go deep, then it is much more than that. So, if you are thinking about how to create a blog for free and making money blogging, there are many other reasons to start. We are presenting some here that will give you the motivation to start a blog now;

Learn about how to create a blog for free is good for every person has a creative soul inside the body. We only need a platform where we can express ourselves. So, in 2021 blogging is that platform where you can convey your creative thoughts to others.

Apart from this, if you don’t like to reveal your name, then you can start it without disclosing the name. In this way, you don’t have any boss that can curb your creativity and freedom of writing.

If you are passionate about writing, then many fields can allow you to take forward the skill.

If you have a blog, you can compare the recent reports with the old ones to improve.

On the other hand, learn about how t create a blog for free is a great way to show your authority on a specific subject or field. However, if you have a grip on your topic, you can soon become a go-to authority on that subject.

Writing diaries and notes are outdated in 2021. But Blogging is like an advanced diary that has grabbed the attention.

In this online form of a journal, you can share your thoughts with the whole world. Apart from this, you can read it anytime from anywhere.

If your blog is growing, then there are bright chances that you are ready to take it further. Blogging is a full-time job if the blog is reaching its full potential.

Many possible ways can help to make money blogging. The forms of earning require so much detail. Due to this, we dedicated a whole separate heading to guide the readers in a better way.

Apart from the above points, some other things provide a base to start the blog. So, here are some other reasons due to which Blogging is becoming far more acceptable.

  • You gain confidence in writing.
  • Helps to build up a strong community
  • Allows the potential of self-growth
  • Great way to get expertise in the digital world and helps to learn new skills
  • Allows you to be your boss
  • Could lead to more opportunities
  • And last but not least, it teaches you to grow personally.

I hope you have to find the right reason and it has motivated you to know more about how to create a blog for free in the below section.

How To Create A Blog For Free: 8 Easy Steps

After reading the above conversation and excellent benefits, I know you are enthusiastic about How to Start Your Own Blog And Make Money Blogging For Beginners

But there are specific steps that you need to consider before starting a blog.

You can’t start and make money blogging overnight. It takes hard work and persistence in creating something. Apart from this, the whole process works in a systematic way where we follow steps. Brian Clark said;

“Don’t focus on having a blog. Instead, focus on producing a blog that is great for your readers.”

How to Create a Blog for Free with no money?

STEP # 01: Discover Your Niche:

If you want to learn about how to create a blog for free, this is the most critical step that needs your attention. In short, choosing the right niche is the first step that is giving you an answer about how to create a blog for free and make money for beginners. So, a certain niche performs better than others.

Apart from this, always choose the category in which you have an interest and appeals to you. The following pie chart is elaborating the ingredients of a perfect blog niche;

How To Start a Blog And Make Money For Beginners
ingredients of a perfect blog niche

The above chart is elaborating the aggregate that can make the perfect niche to earn money. But for proper guidance about how To create a blog for free and niche selection, we are elaborating it in detail;

What are you interested in?

This question is going to provide a base for your blog. So, run a quick analysis of your interests and think about your areas of interest. If there isn’t anything that can interest, you then ask the following questions from yourself;

  • Run a quick analysis of the talents that you have in yourself
  • Ask yourself about the knowledge and skills that you built over the years.
  • Apart from this, think about your current career. If that interests, you then it could be a great niche to start writing.
  • Above all, ask yourself about the topics that interest you most. Apart from this, you can think about what you love to do in your free time.

Note: It is vital to select a niche that interests you most. If you don’t do this, then there are few chances of growth, because you will get bored. 

What are others interested in?

This question is quite tricky and demands some research to come up with a solution.

The central part is here to find out the area where most people take an interest.

But if you do the opposite, then you won’t be able to draw attention. However, you can take help from the GOOGLE KEYWORD PLANNER to see the most searched categories for perfect analysis.

Apart from this, What type of blogs make the most money? What types of blogs are popular? We are including the following chart that is easing to make money Blogging;

Job Posting occupies 84% of Google search
Technology (61%)
Sports (50%)
Business & Finance (47%)
State and local politics (42%)
World Economy (43%)
National security (30%)
Entertainment (29%)
Regional events (26%)
Local Crime and politics (25%)
Education and Research (21%)

Note: The above chart is presenting the USA based data according to the report of Business Insider. Apart from this, other proofs show the search in which they took Facebook and other platforms as mediums.

SETP # 01 -YOUR ACTION: Draw 10-15 suggestions that suit them best in both situations. Now prepare a word document to write down all directions correctly. It will help you keep focused and give a better answer about starting a blog for a beginner.

STEP # 02: Pick The Best Web Hosting:

When it comes to how To create a blog for free, here is one of the most crucial steps that need your attention.

It is the step that is going to convert and make money blogging. In simple words, web hosting provides the space to host the site and keep the content.

It is a place where your site lives, and people visit it through a purchased server. Every website or blog needs web hosting, so you should wisely select the hosting.

However, the Wealthy Affiliate is the best bet for hosting the blog for FREE.

Wealthy Affiliate: Best Web Hosting For First-Time Bloggers:

How to Create a Blog for Free

How to Create a Blog for Free And Make Money Blogging?

I will recommend joining the FREE starter membership of Wealthy Affiliate as it is a powerful yet intricate and secure web hosting, as well as one of the biggest blogging platforms in the world.

However, there is nothing more powerful and robust hosting than the Wealthy Affiliate.

Some people are doing their million-dollar businesses with the WA. The following characteristics can help you get an answer about How to Create a Blog for Free.

  • Wealthy Affiliate is a straightforward, simple, yet faster web hosting and blogging platform.
  • The average loading page time is up to 1.3 seconds.
  • Provides double hosting due to which the website always stays awake. Apart from this, the automated system has a mirror of the website if it goes down.
  • It can block the hacking and spam way before it happens. The robust security system work with so many layers and shields the website, and keep it secure.
  • You already know that it offers WordPress hosting. But here is a thing that you don’t know. Yes, and that thing is the Backup ability of the ability of Wealthy Affiliate. If you miss anything, then 24 hours backup system helps you recover the data.
  • It’s totally FREE to start without any credit information needed to create simple websites that make money.

There are many major companies globally that trusted the Wealthy Affiliate. For instance, it includes;

How to Create a Blog for Free

If you are interested in choosing the Wealthy Affiliate as your web hosting platform, then their starter membership is FREE to join and allows you to start blogging for free.

But I’m recommending it due to some reasons. Yes, those reasons are the excellent comparison of wealthy Affiliates with other web-hosting providers.

It is the easiest way for you to make a free website and earn money online.

How To Start a Blog And Make Money For Beginners
sign up your FREE start membership account

SETP # 02 – YOUR ACTION: Create your FREE Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership Account NOW and get rolling with your own blog today!

STEP # 03: Find a Perfect Domain Name:

The next step of how To create a blog for free is about naming your blog. It is considered a fun part. But here we have one bad and one good news for you.

The bad news is that the people already take good names.

But the good news is that there are still very bright chances to find a perfect vlog name.

A domain name is the recognition of your blog; that’s why it is vital to choose it after proper analysis and planning. Here are some rules that would help while deciding the domain name;

  • Keep it short: It’s not an excellent approach to use a bunch of words as a domain name. However, always try to keep the domain name simple and shorter. According to the recommendation, 14 characters are more than enough. 
  • Choose a .com, .org, or .net: Always go for these domains because it is easy for people to remember these.
  • Easy to spell and pronounce; I know you wouldn’t want to pronounce each time for the visitors. So, it is best to choose a name that is easy to write, spell, and pronounce.
  • Avoid numbers and hyphens: If you use number and hyphens in the name, then it looks clunky in the URL. Apart from this, it is challenging for readers and users to type the domain.
  • Use your name: If you are running a personal blog, it’s an excellent choice to identify it after your original identity. If you do this, it wouldn’t be only comfortable but will speak more about your personality.
  • Use the blog name generator: Nowadays, you can find many blog name generators that have made the process easy. If you need a domain, you can use it to find the perfect domain name. Apart from this, here you can get plenty of suggestions to name the blog.

Search the domain name:

Furthermore, at the next step about blogging for free, you can open up the Wealthy Affiliate domain search tool to check the selected name’s availability. But if this method doesn’t work for you, then you have the following other options:

  • You should search the domain name until you find the perfect match. It is a need to find the right domain name.
  • Apart from this, you have the option to buy the domain name from someone who already has, and it’s an advanced option.
  • If you go for a low-quality domain, then it would cost less. But if you go for a high-quality identity with TWO WORDS names, then the cost would be around $10,000-$50,000.

The best thing is to keep searching domain names until you find the most suitable one.

However, after seeing the title, visit a Wealthy Affiliate to register the domain. It is one of the most reasonable options to buy a budgeted domain name.

If you go with the free starter membership account of Wealthy Affiliate, you can get your domain with FREE siterubix domain name as well.

How To Start a Blog And Make Money For Beginners

If you want to register a domain name without the name of “siterubix”, it also offers the best domain deal for just $13.99/year. The following chart is showing the comparison f WA with competitors to show how it is better than others;

How To Start a Blog And Make Money For Beginners

STEP # 03 – YOUR ACTION: Now, write down 5-6 selected names on a page once you complete the search. It will help to keep things remember.

STEP # 04: Install WordPress:

After deciding on a niche, web hosting, and domain name, the next important step of how To create a blog for free is to install WordPress.

According to data WordPress powers, more than 30% of all the websites. So, if you are a newbie and think about starting a blog for beginners, WordPress is the savior.

A few years ago, there was a trend to use Joomla, TypePad, or blogger. But now, no one uses these platforms. If you decide to use WordPress, then there are bright chances to make money blogging.

The website needs a content management system that will allow you to create blogs and posts.

One-click installation at Wealthy Affiliate:

  • You need to log into your Wealthy Affiliate account.
  • Go to the sidebar of the menu.
  • Now click on the create site.
  • Enter your blog name and the tagline and click next
  • After choosing all of this detail, install the domain that you want.
  • Now choose the directory that you want to install and click next.
How to Create a Blog for Free

STEP # 04 – YOUR ACTION: That’s all; now you have completed the installation of WordPress using Wealthy Affiliate. Now we head towards the next step;

STEP # 05: Select the WordPress theme:

The next step of how To create a blog for free is vital to make the blog visually attractive for the readers.

We say that WordPress is the best of all about blogging for free due to the simple and user-friendly interface. It works even if you don’t have any coding skills.

WordPress offers themes with little or no use of coding. You can just drag and drop the features to make the website visually attractive. In this way, you don’t worry about building the site from scratch.

Above all, In Wealthy Affiliate, it is offering more than 3000 eye-catching templates. After deciding the theme, you need to follow these steps;

  • Install the WordPress theme and add it to your site
  • Now go at the sidebar of your WordPress menu under the heading APPEARANCE.
  • Here you will add files to your theme and will activate it within WordPress. Apart from this, at the top, you will see a button of UPLOAD THEME that you can use to upload the theme of your choice.
  • If you don’t have any theme, then you can select any from the thematic section. As we discussed earlier, that Wealthy Affiliate offers more than 3000 pieces.
How to Create a Blog for Free

STEP # 05 – YOUR ACTION: Choose the theme you like in your Wealthy Affiliate account and import it to WordPress. It only takes around 1 minute to complete the importing process and then we can go to the next step;

STEP # 06: Install Google Analytics:

How to create a blog for free on Google and earn money? Google Analytics is a free tool from Google that gives the website analytics. Apart from this, it gives you access to do things like;

  • You can see the people/traffic that is visiting the website.
  • You can find the demographic info of your visitors.
  • And here you can see the blog posts and pages that are receiving more visits.

There are the following steps to install Google analytics at the WordPress site and blog for free:

How to Create a Blog for Free

But sometimes, it could be very tricky and tough to manage Google analytics

Apart from this, there are plenty of other reasons that promote the use of Google analytics. Firstly, it stores the data over time that you can use whenever you need it the most.

Above all, it gives you the motivation to work hard, especially if you are a beginner. However, seeing the real traffic at Google analytics gives you the inspiration and its worth investment.

STEP # 06 – YOUR ACTION: Set up Google Analytics by following the above simple steps. There is also a complete training guide in Wealthy Affiliate that demonstrates to you how to set it up.

STEP # 07: Set Your Tempo For Blogging/Posting:

How to Create a Blog for Free? As we discussed earlier that it’s important to follow the guide step by step.

But more than that, Writing and Blogging are like a marathon that demands hard work.

Due to this, the writer needs to set a consistent pace for a few years. The posting frequency could give a boost to the new blog and help to earn money.

  • You should post at least one blog every week. Above all, always keep in mind the starting post should be around 2000 words.
  • If you are serious about making money blogging, you should post two to three times a week.
  • If you plan to run a larger blogging site, you can post 5-7 posts every week. But some larger businesses post 20-25 positions per week. You can choose the consistency frequency according to your requirements and business level.

According to the data, around 14% of bloggers post monthly, but this isn’t ideal. Thus, if you post weekly, you are already more regular than 37% of the bloggers.

How to create a blog for free for beginners? If you want to grow, you should post daily to make an authority blog.

STEP # 07 – YOUR ACTION: Start you write your first blog post to your brand new blog under your Wealthy Affiliate account.

STEP # 08: Build The Audience For Your Blog:

Fans are the main factors that help to grow the blog rapidly. If you have 1000 loyal fans, you will carry on the existing strategy to increase the blog.

If you want to blog for free and make loyal fans of your blog, then you should take the following recommendations;

  • Try to create engaging content for blog posts. You can use catchy images or other things to make the blog more attractive and informative.
  • Always post at least one blog post per week; if you do, you should go for 2-3-times per week.
  • Above all, give all of your attention to quality writing and Google every aspect before taking a start.
  • Always find exciting and authentic topics to write the content. Above all, you can use social media tools to promote blog posts.
  • After writing the content, ask yourself whether it is beneficial or not. While writing down the range, always keep in mind that you are teaching people about the topic.

STEP # 08 – YOUR ACTION: How To Create A Free Website and Earn Money? Keep writing and post at least one blog post per week to build the audience and grow your blog.

How Do Beginner Bloggers Make Money?

“Blogging isn’t only about publishing as much as you can. But it’s about publishing as smart as you can.”

After learning the basic 8 steps about how to create a blog for free and setting up the blog and completing the most critical tasks, the next vital thing is to learn about how to make money-making websites. However, it’s not an easy thing to make money blogging right after the start. It takes time, persistence, and hard work to be able to earn through a blog.

A domain name, Web-hosting, writing, and SEO (ON-PAGE, OFF-PAGE) are the basis of a good blog. The following data chart is showing the earning per field. So, you can choose the monetization method based on this;

How To Create A Blog For Free And Make Money:

How to Create a Blog for Free
how To create a blog for free and make money

For web hosting and domain name, you can choose the Wealthy Affiliate. But if you want to make money, they can take a guide from the following notes;

Make Money Blogging With Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to earn money.

In this way, we promote other people’s products or services and get a commission at each sale. In short, it is like referring to third-party products. It is the easiest way to start earning without investing a penny.

However, if we look at the stats, some bloggers make up to $50k with affiliate marketing.

Make Money Blogging With Google AdSense:

In this type of monetization about blogging for free, you allocate some space to your blog to run the ad. We call this method of earning GOOGLE ADSENSE.

According to the record, this method is empowering more than 11 million websites to make money. The Google network displays the relevant ads at your site according to the interests of individuals.

However, when the visitor clicks on the ad, you get money against each click. But if you want to earn money through this method, you need a lot of traffic per day. In simple words, don’t go for Google AdSense if you have 100/200 visitors per day.

Sell The Digital Products at Your Blog:

It is another way to give you the answer; How to Create a Blog for Free and make money.

In this unique method, you turn your blog into an online store.

If you adopt this method, then you have the potential to earn thousands of dollars. In this way, you don’t need traffic on your blog. But you only need to build the authority and quality of the items that you are selling.

It is a growing industry and can go further by up to $300 billion by 2025. So, choose any products like e-book or training material and start selling.

Start and E-com Business:

If you decide to choose the wealthy affiliate as a web hosting, you already know it comes with WordPress., which allows you to blog for free.

However, later you can convert the website into an online store to sell physical or digital products. It is the most comfortable and cheapest way to make money if you are using a wealthy affiliate.

Apart from the e-store, you also have the option to start drop-shipping at the store.

How to Create a Blog for Free-Other Ways to Make Money Blogging:

Apart from the above ways, many others can help to earn a handsome amount of money. You only need to build the authority of your blog using the right strategies. So, some other ways are as under;

  • Start selling freelancing services at your blog.
  • Sell eBooks to the people.
  • Offer other platform services like amazon or Fiverr.
  • You can earn money by selling the sponsored blog posts.

How Much Money Can You Make From a Blog?

How to Create a Blog for Free and Make Money

After reading the above conversation about how To create a blog for free and Make Money Online, it’s time to know how much you can make.

For Beginners, I know it’s not realistic to earn so well with Blogging.

But here I’m going to provide you some real-life examples with the earning proves.

It will help you understand that Blogging can earn money thousands of dollars for yourself. So, see some of the models;

Who is the highest paid blogger?

Blog NameFounded byNicheNet worth
HuffPostArianna HuffingtonCurrent affairs$143.1 million
EngadgetPeter RojasTech topics$47.5 million
MozRand FishkinSEO service provider$44.9 million
PerezHiltonPerez HiltonCelebrity and media blog$41.3 million
MashablePete CashmoreMedia and tech blog$30 million
Tech CrunchMichael ArringtonStartup news and tech topics$22.5 million


How to Create a Blog for Free And Make Money For Beginners

How to Create a Blog for Free

In the end, you need to understand the crucial steps that are vital for the success of your new blog. So, the main two steps that decide success:

  • Choosing web hosting
  • Writing quality content

Your blog will increase if you choose the right web hosting service provider like a Wealthy Affiliate program.

Apart from this, you need to pay equal attention to marketing and quality content. If you follow all of the required steps, then you can make money blogging.

So, don’t think much and choose the Wealthy Affiliate as a secure and smooth service provider. After securing your blog’s backbone, you can give full attention to the writing and promoting content.

>>>YOUR ACTION NOW >>> Create your FREE starter membership account of Wealthy Affiliate Today and start your blogging business!

How to Create a Blog for Free

How To Create A Blog For Free: Want To Remember It? Pin It.  

How To Start A Blog
Take a second to pin it – How To Start A Blog

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    • Hi Richard, thanks for stepping by in this post, and thanks for your useful comment! Yes, you’re right, picking a fast load theme is important. GeneratePress is a great choice, and i am using Neve as of now for this site, it loads fast too.

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    • Hi ADYNS68, tanks for your feedback. You won’t need to worry about no suitable affiliate products, almost most narrow niche will have the product to sell. If you have no ideas about what to sell, just type in “affiliate program”+”(your niche)” is google, e.g. “affiliate program” + “vegan”, then it will show you the opportunities for your niche.
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    • Hi KOKONTALA, to be honest, the covid-19 pandemic is one of the reasons that makes me start this blog! You never know when will you lost your income from your daily job, so finding another way to earn money is very important, especially passive income, it acts as a “backup” for your life.

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    • Hi Tom, thanks for your sharing, i love how to think are blogging, and that’s what I feel about too! Creating something that can help other people is really therapeutic!

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    • Hi Nuttanee, no worries about that you are not tech savvy, thanks for the technology today, most of the blog creating tools are very user friendly 🙂 The only one you need to concern is that you need to find a hosting company , such as Wealthy Affiliate, that offer 24/7 and immediately tech support. Thanks

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