How can I stay focused on blogging – 13 Tips To increase blogging productivity

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Hey, are you looking for some tips about how can I stay focused on blogging? Here’s how you can!

How Can I Stay Focused On Blogging
How Can I Stay Focused On Blogging

I am a blogger and I’ve been putting blogging as one of my main goals for the year to make money online.

With that, I realized that this is something that will take up significant chunks of time and energy to do well.

But, in the first year of my blogging life, I have been always finding it difficult to stay focused on blogging or even having enough energy to blog; it was staying focused on blogging when all around me people were distracting me with their needs and wants.

Different projects at work, family events, and housework have taken up more of my attention than they should have.

The thing was, these were all important things in life but if I don’t keep myself accountable by meeting deadlines then everything else becomes irrelevant – which means I need to find a way to stay focused on my blog.

Actually, I can’t believe I’m not focused on my blog! It’s so important to me. I need to get back on the ball, but it seems like every time that I sit down at my computer, something else comes up.

How do other bloggers find the time and stay focused on blogging? Maybe if I had a mentor or something…

As a blogger, I believe you have the same experience as me as well.

And now that the holidays are here, you have less time than ever for blogging! How can you stay focused and keep blogging during this busy season?

So if you are facing the same problem as me, here are some tips that can help you find the solution to stay focused on blogging and increase blogging productivity.

How can I stay focused on blogging

Stay Focused On Blogging

1.Have a reason why you blog

This is the very first thing that you should do when you think about blogging and want to stay focused on blogging. Why are you going to share your ideas, thoughts, and experiences? Is it because you want to be famous or rich? Or would it be because sharing makes sense to you? An entrepreneur needs real motivation in order for him to move forward. Without this, it really feels like you don’t have a goal in your blogging journey.

How to do:

Write all the reasons why you want to blog. Think deeply and write them down. Read these reasons every day so that your motivation will not wane over time, but increase instead. Note: This can be done in a journal to track your progress, too!

2.Set small goals to keep you motivated and on track

When you feel like giving up blogging and can’t stay focused on blogging, just remember that it’s just a task for you. Set small goals to keep your dreams alive. These little tasks will help you focus more on what you are doing without feeling overwhelmed or tired with blogging. With this, your responsibilities will be easier to manage and complete.

How to do:

You may set a goal to write 5 blog posts every week, or set a goal to share your ideas on social media once or twice per day. If you can accomplish those tasks, go for bigger ones. But always take it one step at a time.

3.Set realistic expectations that you can follow through

It can be difficult to stay focused on blogging if you can’t see any result of your blog. What do you want to achieve through blogging? The first thing that comes to mind is probably your income. When you start blogging, it’s best to set realistic expectations about your earning. Bloggers should be smart in their business. It can’t be denied that blogging is a great way to create your own income, but consider the competition on the internet. It’s best to have a goal that is attainable within the first few months of becoming a blogger.

How to do:

Answer this question honestly – how much are you willing to invest every day or month for your blogging activities? If it’s too low, then expect the same yield. However, if your investment is great (like spending money on ads), then you must work on your marketing skills and make the most out of your investment to get the best return.

4.Be realistic about how much time you have for blogging each day and budget your time

It’s easy to fall into the trap of “I’m going to blog every day!” but when you add up your other responsibilities, you realize that it’s just impossible, as a result, you can’t stay focused on blogging. It is much better to choose a frequency that suits your pace and work with that instead of stressing yourself out in trying to meet unrealistic goals.

How to do:

After considering your other responsibilities, establish how much time you realistically have each week to blog. Now, based on this number of hours, set a schedule for yourself. This should be manageable for you so consider the amount of time you usually put into blogging activities per day. If it’s only 30 minutes then maybe start with that rather than trying to do it for 3 hours each day. When your daily schedule is set, attach it to your calendar so you won’t forget. If possible, block out this time!

You may also opt for a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule depending on your blogging goals. For example, if you want to work on your blog design, then you can allocate more time for this task during the second week of every month.

There are also some scheduling tools like Buffer or Hootsuite to help you manage your social media account with ease and make your blogging tasks easier.

5.Learn the art of saying No!

Stay Focused On Blogging

“No way!” You might be thinking that your schedule is full enough as it is already but you still want to blog. In order for you to achieve your goals, you need to learn how to say NO when someone asks you to attend an event or meeting. Even the best bloggers in the world have a ton of things that they need to accomplish. If you want to be successful and stay focused on blogging, then try to say NO is one thing that you should never forget!

How to do:

It will be easier to say no if you practice avoiding social gatherings or events that require your presence. There are also times when it’s good not to give in just for the sake of saying yes. Just relax and prioritize your list of things first before planning anything else.

6. Introduce “quiet times” into your schedule

Every blogger needs a break from time to time. This will help you refresh and recharge yourself so that you can continue working on your tasks and stay focused on blogging. It’s best to have a fixed time where you can do other things aside from blogging.

How to do:

You can do this at the beginning or end of the day when you feel that your energy is slowly depleting. However, you should not use this time to do other activities that will harm your blog. You can also take a break in between tasks when you feel the need to. Just take note of the time so you’ll know how much time you need for each task.

7.Avoid multitasking when blogging 

When you are blogging, it’s best to avoid multitasking. This is because you can’t afford to lose focus, and might end up with a poorly-written article if you try to do other things at the same time.

How to do:

To be honest, are all the things you are doing now really that important? Maybe they’re not. Try to let go of the rest and prioritize what is truly needed. Prepare a to-do list every morning so that you start with the most important tasks and won’t forget what to do next.

For example, if it’s updating your social media accounts now then perhaps you can do this task at night before sleeping. On the other hand, if it’s writing quality blog posts then that should be the main task you should stay focused on blogging right now.

8.Always continue to learn new things

Stay Focused On Blogging

Keep learning! Take courses, read articles, and learn something new every day to become a better blogger. The best bloggers are those who never stop learning and growing as a person. If you want to stay focused on blogging, then it’s best if you’ll prioritize learning new things like social media marketing and others. There are tons of programs online that can help you improve your blog or website.

How to do:

Take time to follow what’s trending on social media sites and read articles from fellow bloggers.

You can also enroll in different blogging courses to improve your expertise and expand your knowledge.

9.Don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed

There will be times when you feel like giving up due to too many things to do and lack of time. You might start thinking that blogging isn’t for you anymore and calls it quits as you can’t stay focused on blogging. But you should never give up on something especially if it means a lot to you.

How to do:

You can ask for help from another person (friend or family member) if there are too many tasks to handle. Or you may also hire someone who can help you complete your blogging tasks. This will reduce the number of things that you need to accomplish and avoid getting overwhelmed each time.

10.Don’t compare your blog to other successful bloggers

It’s really easy to get intimidated when you see a successful blogger who makes thousands of dollars every month through blogging. But don’t forget that those successful bloggers have been doing something which you haven’t done yet! They might be better than you in some aspects but there are still things that you can do. You just have to be creative and learn from others in order to stay focused on blogging!

How to do:

Don’t just look at how successful they are, but spend some time reading other blogs and learn from them. Find out what makes their blog different from yours, or what you can do so that your blog will be unique.

11.Do the things that make you happy and have fun blogging!

There are times when blogging can become really frustrating because of several factors. But if you feel happy with what you’re doing then it will be easier for you to continue to stay focused on blogging. If you’re not having fun doing it then stop now and find what really makes you happy. Blogging should bring you joy and not stress because it consumes a good amount of your time every day.

How to do:

Make sure that your blog aligns with what you like and enjoy doing. There are different types of blogs so be open-minded when thinking about starting one. You can even create an opinion-based blog if you feel interested in sharing your views with the world. These could help make blogging fun and less stressful.

12.Reward yourself with something after every milestone is met (e.g., a new outfit, movie night)

It’s normal that there will be a lot of hard work involved in order to stay focued on blogging. And you’ll feel more motivated if you know that your hard work will pay off at the end–which is hitting those milestones! It’s also helpful if you knew someone who trusts and believes in you, or encourages you along the way.

How to do:

Reward yourself in between in order to keep the momentum going. For instance, when you complete 2 out of 3 tasks for the day (even if they’re minor tasks) you can reward yourself with something like watching your favorite TV show or buying new clothes for yourself.

13.Take care of yourself by getting enough sleep, eating healthy food, and exercising regularly!

Stay Focused On Blogging

The final tips would be to take care of yourself by eating well, exercising, getting enough sleep, and relaxing every day so that you are in a good enough mood to write when the time comes for you to do so. Relaxation can be anything from watching a movie with your family, going swimming in a nearby lake, or enjoying a few days out of town. Taking care of yourself in this way will help you stay focused on blogging and improve your productivity levels!

How to do:

You can start by working out regularly and getting your recommended dose of sleep. Engage in physical activities like jogging or biking regularly to keep yourself healthy and fit. This is beneficial for your body and mind! If you need some help then ask someone to join you in a healthy lifestyle.

Also, eating healthy is also important when attempting to stay focused on blogging. Your mind will become tired and unfocused if you eat unhealthy food that may affect your productivity in the long run. Try eating vegetables, fruits, whole grains, dairy products, lean meat, fish, and legumes every day.

How to stay focused on blogging – FAQs

Stay Focused On Blogging

What is blogging?

Blogging is like writing a diary or journal online, sharing your thoughts, ideas, and experiences with the rest of the world. Often times bloggers will write about what’s happening in their day-to-day lives, but they can also share their personal opinions on topics such as politics or sports.

What are the benefits of blogging?

Some people blog in order to make money, but most bloggers simply do it for the love of writing and sharing experiences. Blogging is a great way to connect with others, build your personal brand, and receive recognition from your peers.

Is blogging worth my time?

Yes, blogging can be well worth your time. Blogging has become a platform that allows people to express themselves and their ideas, share interesting stories with the world, and even make money online. As long as you’re consistent with whatever you choose to do on your blog and don’t give up when times get tough, blogging will always be worth your time!

Why should I start blogging now if there are so many bloggers already out there?

First, blogging has never been more popular than it is now. So the good news is that it’s easier than ever to get your voice in front of an audience and build a following. Even with millions of bloggers out there, there are still millions who don’t blog.

Where can I find help to stay focused on my current blog posts?

Some of the most popular resources are blogging communities. These are great places to find help and tips or to get answers to questions you might have. Not only will you find help with your blogging efforts but you’ll be able to share your own tips with other bloggers!

How can I stay focused on blogging while writing my blog posts?

There are lots of apps and tools that can help you along the way. For example, if you write your content using a word processor, then use something like Grammarly to check for errors. If you are writing via an online editor, then there are some great tools available to help you proofread your posts, just like online spell checkers.

How can I stay focused on blogging while having a lot of social media profiles?

Start with one social media profile you want to focus on. If you have multiple profiles, then experiment with the different types of posts or how often you post before committing. You can also try out different social media scheduling apps and tools.

How can I stay focused on blogging without working long hours?

Be realistic with your expectations of what you want to achieve and then prioritize accordingly. You might find it helpful to make a list of all the things you need to do for your blog (e.g., publish posts, tweet about your posts, update social media profiles). Then you can decide which needs to be done right now and what can wait. You can even set a time frame for when you need to do the tasks. Once you have everything in order, you’ll find it much easier to stay focused on blogging!

How can I stay focused on blogging if I don’t have a team behind me?

Start by asking yourself this: “What is most important to me right now?” It might be having more traffic, building your email list, or increasing engagement on social media. Then set out a strategy that will help you achieve those goals.

How can I stay focused on blogging if I have so many ideas?

The best ideas you have might not always be the ones that will yield immediate results. Often they take time to develop and turn into something great. So don’t be afraid of putting your ideas on hold. Consider adding them to a “good ideas” list that you can revisit once your main goals are achieved.

How can I stay focused on blogging If I have other work responsibilities?

Staying focused on your blog isn’t just about the content you’re putting out there. It’s also about being able to manage your time well and avoid distractions from other commitments. If you need to, set a time limit for how long you spend working on your blog each day or week. This will allow you to be able to work on other tasks and keep everything running smoothly. And don’t forget: you can always do something for your blog no matter how busy you are! If it’s just a quick tweet or comment, then you’ll still be helping yourself and your blog stay focused on the right things.

What should I do if I Can’t stay focused on blogging ?

If you find yourself losing focus, take a step back and look at the big picture. It might be something simple like setting up a content calendar or using an editorial plan to help you stay on track.

How can I stay focused on blogging if I’m working full time?

You might consider setting aside just 30 minutes each day or at least once a week to plan your content and work on your blog. It’s also good to set realistic goals for yourself so that you’re not overwhelmed.

How can I stay focused On blogging if I’m feeling uninspired?

When you feel uninspired, don’t be afraid to take a break. Do something completely different for the day or grab your journal and write about what’s on your mind. Just remember that when it comes to blogging, consistency is key in building an audience!

How can I stay focused on blogging if it seems like everyone is writing about the same topics?

That may be true, but you can always carve out your own space by exploring a different angle or trying something new. When people read your blog posts they’ll know it’s coming from you because of the unique way you write.

What are some good blogging tools to help me stay in focus?

There are lots of tools and apps you can use to help you stay focused on blogging. For example, Evernote has great organizational tools for your notes and favorite articles, while Grammarly checks for errors. You can also schedule social media posts or look through the different social media scheduling apps available.

What if I just need a little help To stay focused on blogging?

You might find it helpful to stay focused on blogging by reading up on the latest tips and tricks related to blogging. One great resource is other bloggers who blog about how they balance their professional and personal lives. Follow them on social media or take a look at their blogs, which often have lots of useful advice. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or reach out to other bloggers for the advice!

Conclusion: How stay focused on blogging

If you’re struggling with how to stay focused on blogging, try implementing some of the tips and tricks we’ve shared. From setting goals to reading up on other bloggers’ experiences, there are many resources available for you right now! Let us know if any of these ideas seem applicable to your situation. I m always happy to help new bloggers stay focused while building their blog into a successful business venture.

If you find this article helpful, share these few simple tips with other bloggers who need help sticking to their schedule and stay focused on blogging, or leave me a comment below and tell me how we could make this post even better!

Stay Focused On Blogging

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