Is Affiliate Marketing A Good Passive Income? Here’s What You Need To Know!

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Many people dream of making money online, and may have a common question “Is affiliate marketing a good passive income?”

affiliate marketing

The good news is affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to earn a passive income because it requires just small startup costs and no tech skills are needed.


The problem is that there are a lot of affiliate marketing scams out there, which makes it hard for people to figure out how to earn real passive income with affiliate marketing. 

In this article, we will discuss what affiliate marketing is and how you can get started using affiliate marketing as a source of passive income.

We will also review some tips about how to successfully work on affiliate marketing that will help you make passive income!

Let’s dive right into our discussion on what makes up an effective affiliate strategy!

Firstly, let me tell you something about my affiliate marketing Stories

affiliate marketing

Why I started my affiliate business to earn passive income?

6 years ago, I was sitting at my desk, contemplating what else I could do with my life because my financial situation and my full-time job have exhausted me. I wanted to quit my job but I needed to make some money, affiliate marketing seemed like a good idea. Then I started to research everything about affiliate marketing extensively.

What Has Happened Then?

Finally, I have joined an affiliate marketing course online and started my first affiliate website, everything looked good, and then waited for the money to come in.

However, a few months or so went by with no sales and I started getting discouraged and wanna gave it up. I started to hate affiliate marketing since it felt like so much work but zero return.

But one day, someone signed up with my affiliate code and things snowballed from there!

Every day since has been filled with affiliate business because of this one person taking the time to purchase something using my affiliate code!

And now, I am a full-time blogger, and I am so grateful to affiliate marketing for giving me the opportunity to work from home and make some passive affiliate income, which means the affiliate website will keep on making money even when I’m out of town or asleep.

So, What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a form of Internet marketing where you get paid for affiliate sales you generate.

This type of internet business model has been around for some time now and it’s great to get into affiliate marketing if your goal is to earn passive income while you sleep.

The affiliate marketer can promote affiliate products through different affiliate networks like Clickbank, JVZoo, and ShareASale. By promoting affiliate products on their website or social media channels, affiliate marketers can earn a commission from sales.

Affiliate Markeing Businness Model

affiliate marketing passive incomes

Can affiliate marketing make you passive income?

Yes. Affiliate marketing is a way to get passive income. Many affiliate marketers rely on affiliate marketing as their bread and butter, and they use affiliate referrals to generate enough money every month so that they don’t have to work full-time jobs.

Does affiliate marketing = passive income?

No. While affiliate marketing can produce passive income, and affiliate marketing firms typically have a high degree of scalability, it generally takes a lot of hard work, time, and patience before affiliate marketers start earning significant amounts of passive money.

affiliate marketing

Why should I use affiliate marketing to make passive income?

When you promote affiliate products, you don’t have to create physical products.

Instead, you can create a website and promote affiliate products that help people solve their problems or answer questions. Through affiliate marketing, you can set up passive income streams that will generate money for years to come.

affiliate marketing

Is affiliate marketing worth the time investment?

The fact is …..It can be a lot of work to set up affiliate marketing and get going.

If you’re willing to put in the time and effort to affiliate marketers, affiliate marketing can be worthwhile.

Affiliate marketers who are successful at affiliate marketing put in the time to research market trends and affiliate products that work on their niche – they aren’t just sitting and wait for the affiliate business to generate passive income.

However, affiliate marketing can be a great passive income opportunity for you if you take the time to get it going and you will soon see great results.

The investment in affiliate marketing can be lucrative if you play into your work on affiliate marketing consistently. It is worth the time investment in my opinion because of the potential return in earnings in comparison with how much work it would take to start this type of business.

Is affiliate marketing a good source of income?

The answer is a simple “Yes”.

Affiliate marketing can be an excellent source of passive income for several reasons:

You get paid every time someone purchase via your affiliate link

For one, affiliate marketing is a great way to get your foot in the door when it comes to affiliate marketing which can open up new opportunities for affiliate marketers.

This is because you get paid every time someone follows through with whatever action they agreed to do when they signed up with you to be a customer or affiliate.

Small set up costs

Another reason affiliate marketing is a good choice for passive income is that it does not require a lot of upfront costs or overhead in order to start generating a monthly income from affiliate marketing.

With affiliate marketing, all you need to invest in starting out is some creative ideas and any products or affiliate programs that may interest you.

How can I make passive monthly income in affiliate marketing?

Are you waiting for a way to make passive monthly income in affiliate marketing? I’m going to share with you 6 easy steps that will help get you there. This is how I’ve been making my living online for years now- it’s not even hard once you know what to do! All of these steps are easy to follow 🙂

affiliate marketing
6 Steps: Make passive monthly income in affiliate marketing

1. Identify affiliate networks and programs

Affiliate marketing is a lot of work, so choose affiliate networks and affiliate programs that you want to be a part of. If you’re just starting out, it’s best to start with one affiliate program. Joining more than one affiliate program at once can add too much complexity to your business and it may be difficult for you to keep track of all the different offers.

2. Create affiliate marketing content

Once you’ve identified affiliate networks and affiliate programs, it’s time to create content around the affiliate products in those affiliate networks or programs in order to promote them and generate sales commissions. You should focus on content about products that are relevant to your niche audience in order to get better results.

3. Promote affiliate marketing content

Once you’ve created affiliate marketing content, the next step is to promote it across social media and your other marketing channels such as email newsletters and paid ads (if you’re using them). You should create a promotion plan for each piece of affiliate marketing content that you publish because this will help you measure your return on investment (ROI) and determine if affiliate marketing is a good passive income option for your business model.

4. Track affiliate marketing promotions and results

Keeping track of affiliate commissions and sales conversions will give you an accurate picture of how profitable affiliate marketing has been so far, which can help inform future decisions about whether or not affiliate marketing is right for your business model.

5. Optimize affiliate marketing efforts

Affiliate marketing takes a lot of effort and time, so you should constantly be looking for ways to improve it. You can do this by beginning A/B testing on email newsletters and social media posts, as well as making changes to your affiliate marketing content based on the results that you’re seeing from tracking affiliate marketing promotions and conversions.

6. Repeat steps 1-5

The final step in affiliate marketing is keeping up with all of these tasks! It’s very easy for affiliate marketers to fall behind on their affiliate promotion work when they first start out with affiliate marketing because there’s not much money coming in at the beginning, but they must keep up with these six steps if they want affiliate marketing to be profitable for

The pros and cons of being an affiliate marketer To Earn Passive Incomes

For many people, affiliate marketing seems like the perfect solution. It’s easy to get started and requires very little time or money upfront. You can even do it part-time while working another job! 

So why isn’t everyone using affiliate marketing as their primary source of income? The truth is that there are some drawbacks of affiliate marketing that aren’t obvious at first glance. . Before you decide, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of affiliate marketing so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not this is a good fit for your business model.

The pros

affiliate marketing
  • The first advantage of affiliate marketing is that you don’t need any special skills or qualifications; it’s as simple as advertising other people’s products online and getting paid for each product sold.
  • Secondly, with affiliate programs, there are no upfront costs such as buying stock – so if your business venture doesn’t work out, you haven’t lost anything but time!
  • A less stressful way to make money since you are on your own schedule set your hours, and answer to nobody
  • Can be done on the go with access to the internet so even if you have an unpredictable schedule, on-the-go work may not be for you or easy.
  • Do not have any boss breathing down their neck telling them what they need to do next.
  • Get paid every time someone clicks through one of their links which can lead to considerable income quickly depending on how many sales are made.
  • Get a commission when more people purchase something that was originally advertised in an affiliate link which means there is more wiggle room in terms

The cons

affiliate marketing
  • Affiliate marketing is extremely competitive
  • Affiliate marketers deal with people who are cautious of getting scammed, which can be time-consuming to deal with
  • It requires high levels of self-discipline and self-motivation in order to succeed
  • It takes a lot of work to start up and doesn’t always pay off
  • It can be time-consuming due to its ability to provide passive income.
  • Success relies heavily on how much time and effort you put in. The more hours you spend each day, the more sales and profits you will generate

The pros outweigh the cons when it comes to affiliate marketing being a good passive income option, but affiliate marketers should take into account that affiliate marketing requires patience and hard work if they want to see their business grow quickly.

Who is the richest affiliate marketer?

Some of the most successful affiliate marketers include people like Pat Flynn and Tom Dupuis. These people have built affiliate marketing businesses that generate passive income every month. They’ve been able to quit their day jobs and do affiliate marketing full-time.

  • Well-known affiliate marketer Pat Flynn grew his business from $8000 to $100,000 per month;
  • Tom Dupuis went from $20k to an annual income of over 150k in two years;
  • Doug Cunnington made 70K in 2017 off one niche website.

Affiliate marketing success is not about luck or an overnight process. You can’t assume you’ll earn the same amount as the most successful affiliate above.

In affiliate marketing, there are plenty of cases when after earning a modest income for a long time people skyrocketed to high incomes within one night which was all about choosing the right niche and strategy plus opposite cases where affiliates went from good paychecks to nothing but failures depending on their choice in niches, etc…

Is affiliate marketing easy?

affiliate marketing

People often face a dilemma: is it possible to earn good money from affiliate marketing?

Many people who tried their luck with this type of business became successful and now they can say that yes, you can make profitable income through affiliates.

However – the truth is not as simple –Affiliate Marketing isn’t as easy as some people make it sound like.

After some time spent earning small or zero amounts of money many become more impatient and skeptical; others lose hope in success altogether but those tenacious enough seek answers how to increase earnings. The question remains if someone really reaches desired results by making an affiliate website…

If you want to succeed in affiliate marketing and earn a good passive income, you need to:

  • know the affiliate marketing industry well and
  • you need to be willing to put in a lot of time and effort before you can make affiliate marketing work for you.

In the below section, we will go through what you should do and should NOT do in a successful affiliate marketing business

What you should or shouldn’t do About Affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing is a popular way to make money online. But there are some things you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to affiliate marketing.

5 Things You Should Do:

  • Find affiliate programs that offer good rates and affiliate networks with lots of potential partners to affiliate market. Check out our top picks for affiliate programs and affiliate networks here.
  • Evaluate affiliate programs based on their payout rates, affiliate networks based on ease of use and popularity.
  • Create an affiliate network – Some affiliate marketers create their own affiliate marketing blog or website in order to better promote products in affiliate marketing networks or affiliate programs. This is also beneficial for SEO because you can affiliate programs and affiliate networks.
  • Make your own affiliate marketing site by promoting affiliate programs and affiliate networks through affiliate blog posts, affiliate website reviews, banner ads on other websites, or email newsletters.
  • Optimize your affiliate marketing site for search engines – some affiliate marketers create their own affiliate marketing blog or website in order to better promote products in affiliate marketing networks.

5 things you should NOT DO:

  • Avoid affiliate marketing scams
  • Do not set affiliate marketing as a side business
  • Don’t expect affiliate marketing to generate passive income overnight
  • Avoid affiliate networks that can ban your account at any time without any notice
  • Avoid affiliate programs that ask you for a 100% upfront fee, those might be ponzu

My Recommendation

In this article, we have discussed what affiliate marketing is and how you can get started using it as a source of passive income. We also reviewed some tips on making your own effective affiliate strategy! If you found any part of this post helpful or interesting, please share with friends to help them start their journey in the world of affiliate marketing.

The great thing about this business model is that once you have your first sale, all future commissions will be generated passively if you keep your work and consistently engage your audience with updated information of your niche!

If any of these points sound interesting to you, I encourage you to sign up for a free account and start learning more about how simple it can be to get started as an affiliate marketer today.

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