TOP 6 affiliate marketing courses for beginners and how to choose it

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Affiliate marketing is a great way to make extra money, but many new affiliate marketers don’t know where to start, and it can easily get overwhelming for beginners.

With so many affiliate marketing courses to choose from, where do you even start? That’s why i have compiled 6 of the best courses for beginners in our handy guide. Learn what they are, how much each one costs, and what makes them the best option for your needs!

The affiliate marketing courses below are all self-paced learning, meaning that they can be taken at your own convenience. So if affiliate marketing is something that interests you, then check these courses out to start earning affiliate commissions today!

affiliate marketing courses
TOP 6 Affiliate Marketing Courses

Firstly, who am I? and why do I think taking an Affiliate marketing course is important?

Hi, I am Rose, and I am a full-time blogger.

affiliate marketing courses

Back in 2016, I had been struggling with the situation of my finances since i need to pay off my student loan after graduated from the University, and it felt like I was wearing a giant weight on my back.

Every time I would see an advertisement touting that you could earn money online, though, I would scoff at it. What kind of scam is that? If this were legitimate then everyone who needs money would be doing it!

Then I started to search the information about affiliate marketing extensively but all the information seems to be overwhelmed… It wasn’t until someone close to me suggested the idea that finally changed my mind. They told me there was an affiliate marketing course that is designed for beginners and teaches you how to start an affiliate marketing business from scratch and how to earn enough passive online.

It sounded too good to be true, but something about it made me trust them and I decided to give affiliate marketing a try as I really want to improve my financial situation.

After some time of trial and error, I finally hit on a winning formula that’s allowed me to live the life of my dreams. The only problem is that if you don’t have anyone showing you how to do things, it can be extremely difficult to pinpoint what actually works and even more difficult to avoid all the scams out there.

That’s why I decided to compile a list of my own – a list of my favorite affiliate marketing courses for beginners. If you want to become an affiliate marketer but don’t know where to start, don’t worry. I’m here to help.

Here are the best affiliate marketing courses for beginners.

Which are the best affiliate marketing courses for beignners?

If you’re just starting out, it can be hard to figure out where to start with affiliate marketing. Below is the list of the TOP 6 best affiliate marketing courses for beginners. These courses will help you get started and teach you everything from how to create a successful affiliate website to mastering social media platform optimization.

Course  Price For Who Rating Details
Wealthy Affiliate University $0-99/month Totally Newbies 5/5 Check Details
The Authority Site System $997/ one-time Both beginners and experts alike. 5/5 Check Details
The Affiliate Lab $997/ one-time Beginners with a little knowledge 4.5/5 Check Details
Income School’s Project 24 1st year for $449 then $249/Year Beginners with a little knowledge 4/5 Check Details
Passive Income Geek 1st year for $149 then $99 /Year Beginners with a tight budget 4/5 Check Details
Commission Hero $997/ one-time Who interested in paid Facebook ads 3.5/5 Check Details

1. Wealthy Affiliate University

affiliate marketing courses

Wealthy Affiliate University is an one of the best affiliate marketing courses for beginners that teaches you how to build your own affiliate website from scratch. The program offers over 200 affiliate marketing training courses for beginners to learn affiliate marketing strategies like mobile marketing, how to create your own blog, email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), social media promotion, etc.

  • What You’ll Learn:
    • This affiliate marketing course is designed to provide you with all of the fundamental skills about affiliate marketing that you’ll need to start your own affiliate website from scratch.
  • How much:
    • Basic membership is free, while Premium membership costs between $49 and $99 each month.
  • Who should join:
    • Newbies who want to learn affiliate marketing from scratch and have a hand in hand training on how to build a website.
  • Why we like it:
    • Over 200+ expert classes each year for premium members, including basic training on the fundamentals.
  • What we don’t like:
    • Training is too basic for professional affiliate marketers.

Wealthy Affiliate University

2.The Authority Site System

affiliate marketing courses

The Authority Site System is one of the best comperhensive affiliate marketing courses utilizes all of your social media channels to generate traffic to your affiliate offers. With this system, you can monetize traffic, converts website visitors to buyers, and enjoy life-changing affiliate commissions!

  • What You’ll Learn:
    • This affiliate marketing course help you discover how to develop authority websites and eventually earn passive profits with this fantastic affiliate marketing training.
  • How much:
    • The regular price is $997
  • Who should join:
    • The Authority Site System is an affiliate marketing training for beginners and experts alike.
  • Why we like it:
    • The product was created by renowned experts with track records. Simple, step-by-step instruction. Continually updated.
  • What we don’t like:
    • it might be too much info for newbies to get started with.

The Authority Site System

3.The Affiliate Lab

affiliate marketing courses

The Affiliate Lab is an affiliate marketing course from Matt Diggity is perfect for beginners looking to get started in affiliate marketing. With over 24+ hours of video lectures, The Affiliate lab provides the necessary tools and knowledge that can be applied in any affiliate marketing campaign.  It’s a great way to learn affiliate marketing with a step-by-step guide and tons of helpful advice from an industry expert.

  • What You’ll Learn:
    • It has over 160 video segments that will teach you how to pick the best keywords for your niche, how to conduct keyword research, and more essential information for dominating Google and making money off of your sites.
  • How much:
    • $997 one-time payment
  • Who should join:
    • Beginners that are looking to get into affiliate marketing. This affiliate marketing courses also provides the necessary tools and knowledge that advanced affiliate marketers need to use in their campaigns.
  • Why we like it:
    • The training is in-depth and the community is active. The lessons are frequently updated.
  • What we don’t like:
    • Many people who have signed up for these programs are disappointed to discover that they don’t give refunds.

The Affiliate Lab

4. Income School’s Project 24

affiliate marketing courses

Income School is an affiliate marketing course that instructs individuals on how to start an online business through blogging and video creation. It is most recognized for its popular internet marketing and SEO Youtube channel.

  • What You’ll Learn:
    • The process for building a site, keyword research process, and how to earn passive income.
  • How much:
    • 1 year for $449 then $249 / Year
  • Who should join:
    • Anyone with some basic understanding of affiliate marketing should have no problems following the course. Beginners will have to commit to being focused and learning on their own
  • Why we like it:
    • The Income school creators have a long history of developing successful niche sites, so their technique appears to be effective and many of their students report that it helps them succeed in affiliate marketing.
  • What we don’t like:
    • An unusual strategy for creating specialized websites, students tend to struggle with the workload.

Income School’s Project 24

5.Passive Income Geek

affiliate marketing courses

Passive Income Geek is a simple-to-use an another affiliate marketing course that will assist you in generating passive income by teaching you how to create a new website from the ground up. You may follow each step and see exactly how to apply the lesson. It’s a relatively new course with a forum-style community where members collaborate to assist and encourage one another.

  • What You’ll Learn:
    • This is a beginner-friendly course that will teach you how to create websites that may help you generate passive revenue.
  • How much:
    • $199 for the first year, $99 per year after that
  • Who should join:
    • Mainly for newbies, however, there are a few modules may skip if you’ve been in the business for a long time and already have a website.
  • Why we like it:
    • With a 30-day money-back guarantee, this course has excellent value for money. The approach is somewhat unusual but the content is easy to understand and follow.
  • What we don’t like:
    • Puts a heavy emphasis on monetization via display advertising, rather than affiliate marketing. It’s a relatively new class., and there aren’t many successful case studies available yet.

Passive Income Geek

6.Commission Hero

affiliate marketing courses

Commission Hero from Robby Blanchard teaches you how to use Facebook advertising to promote affiliate products. It claims that after their training, you can earn $1000 per day, but at a 40% profit margin, you’d need to spend $600 per day on advertisements in order to do so.

Paid advertising has the benefit of allowing you to begin generating income immediately instead of waiting weeks or months to get ranked high on Google. However, paid advertisements have a cost. If you enjoy the idea of paid advertisements and have enough money to invest in them, Commission Hero training is something worth considering.

  • What You’ll Learn:
    • You should be able to make a large commission on your investment if you pick the correct affiliate product and develop effective landing pages and Facebook advertising.
  • How much:
    • One-time payment $997, or two-payment in $597
  • Who should join:
    • Who wants to earn affiliate commission via paid Facebook ads.
  • Why we like it:
    • The best affiliate marketing training for paid traffic, and you don’t need any prior knowledge to get started.
  • What we don’t like:
    • Secret Costs, overly focused on ClickBank, and extra fees for paid tools, high risk on Banned Ads from Facebook.

Commission Hero

It’s never too late to get started with affiliate marketing. The best way to start is by learning the fundamentals of it through an online course. You can choose from a wide range of courses that will teach you everything you need to know in order to be successful at this type of work. Online courses are convenient and quick, which means that you don’t have any excuse not to learn!

How to choose affiliate marketing courses for beginner

There are many affiliate marketing courses available, but not all of them are for beginners or will give you the fundamentals quickly. Below, we’ll talk about the factors you need to consider when choosing affiliate courses that are beginner-friendly so that you can make the best decision possible.

1. Set your goals for affiliate marketing in advance

Before you begin, it’s important to set your goals for affiliate marketing clearly in your mind. If you’re not sure what you want to achieve, how are you going to know if the affiliate marketing course is working or achieving its objectives? You need to have a clear target – even if it is just to get started and improve your knowledge.

2. What’s your budget?

Affiliate marketing can be free or very expensive, depending on the course you choose. Paid affiliate marketing courses usually learn you more because they have a better structure and explanation of the material. Look for online home study affiliate courses that are flexible – it could be cheaper in the long run and you can fit study around your work and family with a flexible course.

3. Can you test drive it?

Before committing to affiliate marketing courses, ask if there is a trial period so that you can use the program and see what it is like before making any decisions. Affiliate marketing education should be fun – don’t feel pressurized into buying something that is not right for you.

4. What are the additional costs?

There may be some additional costs with an affiliate course, such as support or hosting. Look for a course that provides these so you don’t get any nasty surprises when your credit card bill comes in!

5. What support is Included?

Some affiliate marketing courses will provide ongoing support and updates to the course at no extra charge, which may be a good option for beginners who want some help and guidance along the way. Ask what kind of support is available with each affiliate marketing course you look at – it might make all of the difference in your success.

6. Is the course structured and easy to follow?

If you want to learn as much as possible from your affiliate marketing courses, make sure it is structured and makes sense. The best courses will be those with videos or audio files that can be downloaded easily – this means you have digital format material available to take away with you so you can keep learning wherever you are.

7. Is it trusted?

Check to see if the affiliate course has been around for some time, and find out what other people think of the program from customer reviews. There is a lot of choices available so you should be able to get an affiliate marketing course that meets your needs without too much hassle.

8. What’s the refund policy?

Check what the refund policy is with any affiliate marketing courses you are thinking of buying – give yourself enough time to check everything out before making a decision. If you choose well, it should be an exciting learning experience that will earn you money as well!

Are affiliate marketing courses worth it?

Affiliate marketing courses can be a great investment for people looking to learn the ins and outs of affiliate marketing.

A lot of courses will teach you everything you need to know about affiliate marketing, such as:

  • what affiliates are,
  • how to find a good product,
  • how to set up your own website or blog,
  • how to promote your affiliate links,
  • setting up a campaign with ads, and more.

This type of affiliate marketing course for beginners, is beneficial because when you’re just getting started in affiliate marketing, it can feel like there’s too much information to keep up with and keep straight.

Good affiliate marketing courses can really help set these things straight quickly and get you on your way to generating more income from this source.

A lot of people have a negative impression of affiliate marketing because they think that all affiliates do is simply put up links and make money from those clicks. But there is so much more involved!

Most importantly, it’s important not to underestimate the potential for success with affiliate marketing as long as one has realistic expectations and follows some sound advice on how they can achieve their goals.

Is it worth for me to take up affiliate marketing courses?

The answer to this question is not a simple one.


It’s worth it if you’re willing to put in the time, effort, and discipline that are required of any successful endeavor.

If you don’t have the patience or commitment needed to create something for yourself, then no amount of money will make up for your lack of success.

That said, if you want an easier route than starting from scratch at building your own business or career, affiliate marketing courses may be just right for you!

Best affiliate marketing courses – FAQs

  1. Can affiliate marketing make you rich?

    Affiliate marketing can make a person a lot of money, but it can be difficult to get your business started. To succeed, you’ll have to be persistent and willing to learn the ropes. Having a willingness to work hard and take risks will go a long way. It’s going to take time and energy, but much like any career or business venture, there are rewards for those who put in the work required. If you’re looking for quick riches then this may not be right for you as there isn’t something that guarantees success from day one. That being said, being persistent with affiliate marketing could easily lead someone from struggling financially, living paycheck-to-paycheck to having a fairly sizable nest egg saved up within the next few years if they’re willing to put in the work.

  2. Where Can I Get Best Free Affiliate Marketing Course?

    As I mentioned about, one of the TOP 6 affiliate marketing courses – Wealthy Affiliate University has offered free basic membership for total newbies who want to learn the fundamentals of affiliate marketing. Click here to sign up for your free account. It’s totally free of charge and no credit card is needed.

  3. How much do affiliate marketers get paid?

    Affiliate marketers get paid a commission for every sale they make. They can do this by writing a blog post, posting a link to a product on social media, or hosting an event. The more sales that are made, the higher the commission will be from 10%-50% depending on the company and the amount of work put in. It’s important to note that not all companies offer this form of payment, so it might be worth researching before you start your own affiliate marketing business!

  4. How Can I Succeed In Affiliate Marketing?

    If you really want to get into this industry then your first step is to understand that it takes hard work, dedication, and time. Secondly, do your research on what you’re getting into before you dive in headfirst. Lastly, read all of the documentation available to you so that you know exactly what’s expected of you when you started your affiliate business.

  5. What makes a good affiliate marketer?

    You need to be able to provide quality content or products that will satisfy the audience you are targeting by giving them something they want. If you can’t do this, then there is no point in doing anything else. To be successful, you must also know how to make good use of your time and resources-organizing your work carefully is essential! And finally, if you want to be like the best of the best, then you should aim for long-term success rather than short-term gratification!


The internet is full of information about affiliate marketing courses for beigneers, but it can be difficult to cut through the clutter. If you’re looking to get started as an affiliate marketer, there are a lot of things that can be overwhelming. You’ll need to choose the best marketing course for beginners and then figure out how much it will cost before signing up.

That’s why I put together a list of 6 affiliate marketing courses above (all are my favorite courses) and you don’t have to spend hours researching! Sign up one today and start your journey towards financial freedom with real-life experience from successful affiliates who want to share their knowledge and help other people succeed in this industry too!

Which course are you going to sign up for? Feel free to let me know in the comment box below.


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