About Me

About Me

Hello! I’m Rose Tin, owner of www.roseblogsmart.com. I would like to welcome you to my Blog!​ I create this site to share with you my interesting life – How to blog smart and making money online.

Do you want to live and earn a great income at your home or anywhere in the world, and doing what you love? And earning money while you’re Sleeping, Traveling, Or Relaxing on The Beach.

Anyone can earn passive income online… All it takes is an understanding of a few key secrets: Consistency and Hard Work.

  • Waking up in the early morning
  • Back to the office to face the endless work and my ridiculous boss
  • Return home, and face the endless housework until the end of the day
  • Sleep and return to point No.1 the next day


I am just a normal person like you, who one day back in 2016, I built my first online website and wish to make some extra money which would enable me to quit my full-time job and have more time to spend with my family. At that time, my life is an endless circle like this:

If it sounds familiar to you, i believe you would like to have some changes too.

At that time, I read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad and realized that I needed to somehow make some passive income in order to reach financial freedom. Then I started to search in google with the keyword “make money online” and met Wealthy Affiliate. It totally changed my life.

I became a blogger way back in September of 2016 and successfully earned my Passive Online Income after learning how to build my first niche website from their course. I still remember how excited that when I earned my first $0.3 commission after 4 months i started the website. And my online businesses have not only withstood the test of time, but it has increased profits almost every year. And now in 2021, i generally earn over US$5000 per month from that website and quit my full-day job last month!


The way that I make money online is mainly through affiliate marketing​. I know that many people wonder if Affiliate marketing will be a long-term success? The answer is YES if you are willing to spend your time and effort in it, especially the first year when you a beginner in the online business world. You can learn more about affiliate marketing and please click here to know more about how I earn my passive income online.


​I have a passion for the online business world and sincerely want to share my knowledge with others that want to do the same. Hopefully, I will try my best to help motivate you and let you that earning passive income with affiliate marketing is totally possible.

I hope you will greatly by hanging around here as there’s also content posted regularly on subjects such as

  • How to Start A Blog
  • Blogging Tips
  • Affiliate Marketing Tips
  • Web Building Tools
  • Home Based Business Ideas
  • And Much More

Online Business is a great way to earn sustainable passive income and one that I am sure you will consider in your search to change your life.


I would like to let you that I am also an Affiliate Marketer. Some of the affiliate products I recommend on this website will pay me a commission if I refer a buyer to purchase their service or buy them.

If you have purchased a service or product via the affiliate links of this blog, I sincerely thank you for your kind support.

Thank You

Lastly, I highly appreciate your visit to this blog and spend time reading my posts.

I hope that if you have benefited from this site, you can pay it forward and share with your loved ones and friends what you have learned that could help or inspire them too.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Rose Tin