10 REAL Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories that You Have to Read

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Any Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories? YES!

Does there any Wealthy Affiliate success Stories?

Does Wealthy Affiliate really work?

How much I can earn through Wealthy Affiliate?

Does the training really help me to create passive income?

I am not a tech person, how can I build a website?

Is Wealthy Affiliate age restricted? 

I know that many of you may have a question that if there any Wealthy Affiliate success Stories? The answer is absolute, YES.  Therefore, the reason I create this post is that I wanna share my favorite Wealthy Affiliate success stories that will inspire and encourage you to join in the online business world and create passive income.

As all we know, there are so many different kinds of scams on the internet today, and well, this will leads you hard to believe that people around the world can create real online money through a free program. 

Hence, that’s the reason why you should continue to read below Wealthy Affiliate success stories. It is because all these success stories are from real people, who I have met in the WA community during my journey in the affiliate marketing world.

The Keys of Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

Before you start to know more about the Wealthy Affiliate success stories, here are some heads up about the key of their success:

  • Wealthy Affiliate is not a “Get Rich Quick” scheme
  • Continuously and hardworking
  • Have a positive mindset
  • Overcome failures and obstacles
  • Adapt when needed

Every step of success is hard work.

Each of these successful Wealthy Affiliate members understood this concept and worked their asses off to create a real, sustainable online business.

So, if you are willing to spend your valuable time to create and grow a real online business, sign up for a FREE account today, and you will be sure to become one of the Wealthy Affiliate success stories!

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

10 Real Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

1) EddySalomon – $1M with WA!

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

Read EddySalomon’s Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories below:

Eddy is one of the top Affiliates of Wealthy Affiliate University, and he joined Wealthy Affiliate back in June 2007.

Eddy has shown that his affiliate business wasn’t exactly all that easy at the beginning but with patience and persistence, his dreams come true and Paydays are worth it.

And now, Eddy’s website should have bought him $4 million in revenue since he first launched, and that’s about $300.000 per year!

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2) Jerry Huang – $100,000 In 7 Days! 

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

Read Jerry’s Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories below:

Jerry is one of my favorite Wealthy Affiliate success stories, and i do believe him is the youngest WA super affiliate so far.

He joined Wealthy Affiliate back in May 2016 and his website was generating a full-time passive income for Jerry (about $7000+ per month).

After becoming a full-time affiliate marketer, Jerry has implemented everything he learned from Wealthy Affiliate and invested in an Affiliate Marketing Course for Mandarin-speaking people. The course took place 3 months later in March 2019 and had generated $40.000 in just 4 hours. A week later, Jerry’s affiliate course brought him a total of $100.000 in revenue.

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3) Nathaniell Brenes – $1000 Per Day!

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

Read Nathaniell’s Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories below:

Nathaniell joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2010 and has been earning his living by creating passive income online since 2012 and quit his job in China and moved to the United States.

Over the years, Nathaniel has built multiple affiliate marketing websites in a variety of different kinds of niches. And now, some of his websites have been sold at a valuable price.

4) Alexsol – 10,000 per month!

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

Read Alexsol’s Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories below:

AlexSol joined Wealthy Affiliate back in 2007. Before he joined WA, he just like many of us, has lost thousands of dollars to scams, but luckily, he finally found a home at Wealthy Affiliate and started blogging.

Alex works very hard and is not satisfied until he gets it right! And now, he earns well more than $10,000 per month in his online business, while also learning new tricks.

5) Bryonbrewer – $1.1 million in 5 Years!

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

Read Bryonbrewer’s Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories below:

Bryon is one of the most inspirational Wealthy Affiliate success stories. 

He has been in Wealthy Affiliate since 2012. 2017, his online business recorded $1.1 million dollars in revenue. This was a huge success and it’s crazy to think it only took 5 years from the day he joined WA.

Furthermore, Bryon had a team of +200 plus freelancers and full-time employees working for him in 2018.

The story of Bryonbrewer’s business is amazing and if he could do it, so can YOU! Learn how to create a blog for free NOW!

6) Grace  $1,300+ Per Day!

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

Read Grace’s Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories below:

Grace is a Stay-at-home mum and originally from Hong Kong but currently lives in the United States. 

With her positive energy, she has increased her monthly online income from $119/month to $4,931 a month in the first year! And amazingly, she has reached Super Affiliate status just in 2 years within the Wealthy Affiliate community!

Her great Wealthy Affiliate journey has changed her life and helps her create a huge passive income for her family. Let’s start your blogging for free today

7) Dougbeney – $6k in a Month!

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

Read Doug’s Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories below:

Age range is certainly not confinement for success in Wealthy Affiliate. Another brilliant teen has successfully made it through the platform as well.

Doug has made more than $6k in a single month at his 18 years old.

And the most Interesting about Doug’s stories is that he has mentioned how he did not recommend Wealthy Affiliate anymore before his success. But the facts proofed that he was wrong with his success stories. Moreover, he has shared his monthly income with the WA community and has inspired others, especially young adults who are looking for ways on how to create passive income online.

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8) Steve – $8,871.03 from Blogging in one Month!

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

Read Steve’s Success Stories below:

Steve started a website as a ​hobby before he joined Wealthy Affiliate

And after he joins the community of WA, he successfully turns his website from a hobby to a real online business. With the knowledge he gained from WA and his hard work, he is earning a huge monthly income now.  The secret of Steve’s success is to keep working and moving forward every day!

9) Leo – $35,000 per Year!

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

Read Leo’s Success Story below:

Leo started his online business back in 2000, but soon he found that it was not as easy as he thinks because of a lack of the right help.

Luckily, Leo finally found Wealthy Affiliate. He started the training provided by WA and sharing his knowledge with other members in WA who were looking for help online.

Today Leo is making a full-time living online and has become a huge contributor within the Wealthy Affiliate community.

I select Leo’s success stories because he is not just successful in his online business, but he also gives back to the community and is willing to help other members whenever he can.​

10) StubearBlack – $2000 per Month!

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

Read Stu’s Success Stories below:

Stu has quit his full-time job after 3 years he joined Wealthy Affiliate and became truly independent. Before he joins WA, he is a talented graphic designer and, like most of us, has no idea about how to make money online.

Stu’s success story is not that fast but surely has grown his online business successfully. By reviewing the product he loves, he is currently making over $2000 passive income per month.  

Let’s Include Yourself In The Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories!​

This is just a small part of the sampling of the Wealthy Affiliate success cases. Personally, I think that sharing these amazing examples should be far enough to answer any doubt that Wealthy Affiliate works. If you would like to know how to start a blog, click the step-by-step guide here.

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Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

If you are still not sure what is Wealthy Affiliate, click here for my full Wealthy Affiliate Review.

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